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Update (Nov 09, 2023)
Second Coming Jesus Before April 20, 2025
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Brothers and sisters,
Seen from August 2018 on we still have 2,5 to 3,5 years to go!

This will be a complete surprise for many. Because, just like me, many millions of Christians also thought that the Rapture would take place in the year 2023. YouTube is full of it! Many expectations end 2022.

See the following:
When it comes to the visions I have received, I can only say one thing: “I’m completely wrong with all my calculations!”

The Rapture did not take place in August 2018 and will also not take place before Jan 21, 2019, because the false Prophet will rule all over the world for the full 5 months. That is a time that, seen from the end of Sept 2018, can no longer be achieved before Jan 21, 2019.

The last generation
(Psalm 90:10“As for the days of our life, they contain seventy years, Or if due to strength, eighty years…”
(Matthew 24:34) “…this generation will not pass away…”
The countdown had begun with the birth of the State of Israel on May 14, 1948.

A generation, seen from 1948 to 2018, is 70 years and until 2028 it would be 80 years. The Rapture should then, with this view, take place in more than halfway through the year 2022. That is now almost certain.

The vision of August 2018 (1948-2018) corresponds to a generation of 70 years. But we are already in Sept 2018 and the false Prophet is not yet known. However, we can not determine the day nor the hour. That is impossible!
(Matthew 24:36) “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone.”

The Lord: “…for I will soon come, sooner than people expect.”

Initially I thought that the vision of August 2018 could be the moment of the Rapture. In my earlier calculations, the Rapture should take place in March 2018, then in August 2018 and then before Jan 21, 2019. Because that was not the case and nor it will be, I started with a new report:
“Probable Rapture date cannot be determined”
But when I had already written something about that, the Lord gave me in my heart to study the visions again carefully. Jesus: “Study the visions!”

That was all. Again I would have liked to hear a bit more, but unfortunately.

The last Week of Daniel
Because I was studying the visions again, I now saw, on the basis of the events of recent times, that the visions might still have something to do with the last Week of Daniel. Only the times, which I have put in all reports, do not correspond with these visions.
The vision (August 2018) that I received on March 23, 2013 does not concern the Rapture, but could in reality be the beginning of the last Week of Daniel that must have started from August 23, 2018.

(August 2018 +3,5 year = February 2022)

As the Rapture comes closer, the visions can also be seen better and better. The revelation of the false Prophet will take place in the month of July/Aug.2021. The Rapture would then have to take place after five months in Jan.2022. But as we already know, the Rapture will not take place before February 4, 2022, but first three months later in March/April 2022!
Armageddon (Jan 2022 until June 2025) We are already in the second half of the last Year Week!
Jesus: “Those who are awake and pray when I come will know when I will come!

With the latter, the Lord makes it clear that we can indeed calculate the year and even the month of the Rapture. Because at the moment the false Prophet reveals himself, we know that the Rapture will take place about six months later. That is five months for the false Prophet and three weeks for the Antichrist. Then in the third week of the Antichrist the Rapture will take place.

This is how I think it should be:
August 2018 could be the beginning of the last Week of Daniel that will last 2x 3,5 years. The five Fiches 59 indicate the age of the false Prophet and at that age will also transfer his position to the Antichrist. Because after all, after the death of the false Prophet, the Antichrist, with a ‘Walk-in’, takes over the dead body and thus becomes alive again.

(Rev 13:12b“He exercises all the authority of the first Beast in his presence. And he makes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first Beast, whose fatal wound was healed.”

The first Beast is the false Prophet and the second Beast is the Antichrist.
There is also a third Beast. That is the European Union (EU). See the massive influx! Europe is in this way spiritually totally disrupted. A revolution will soon not be quite unthinkable. If a country houses ‘foreign gods’, one will be consumed from the inside. Jesus, is so to speak, being thrown out of Europe with violence and the end of it is not yet in sight.
The United Nations (UN) do not belong to the third Beast.

See: Lucifer’s I.D.-system

The false Prophet will most likely be killed in Jan 2022 and after three days (72 hours) the Antichrist will stand up. The Rapture can then be expected in the month of Feb 2022, but will most likely be earlier, in January 2022. The Lord said after all that He will come soon, sooner than people expect. In this case, the Lord may come one month earlier.*
It therefore appears as if the Rapture will take place three weeks after the revelation of the Antichrist in January or in February 2022.
*) See: Pastor Brani Duyon (may 2006) Borneo Evangelical Church, Kota Belud, Sabah. (East Malaysia)

Jesus: “Tell My children that they must be ready and alert, for I will soon come. Sooner than people expect!”

Vesica Piscis (Dorset) Engeland (Photo May 22th, 2017)
Vesica Piscis – Dorset Engeland (22 Mei 2017)

The false Prophet and the Antichrist in one body

The Mystery Sept 23, 2017 (Rev 12:1-4) hidden in a crop circle.

(The false Prophet and the Antichrist)

The false Prophet 59 years old

The five Fiches 59 with the 2 circles in it indicate the end of the false Prophet and the beginning of the Antichrist. This will take place only in Dec 2021 or Jan 2022 after which the Antichrist will take over the world. Initially I had thought that the two circles should be seen as one period of time. But now it is clear that it is the false Prophet who will become 59 years old on February 5, 2021 and not the Antichrist, for his end will be in June – Sept 2025. He will then be 63 years old.

On a tombstone we are used to indicate the beginning and the end, even if it is one body that has two characters in it. The false Prophet and the Antichrist.
For example:
Suppose now that the false Prophet is killed on Feb 04, 2022.

See: (Feb 5, 1962Feb 4, 2022) is still 59 years!

See Rapture Zone March/April 2022

Peter the Roman – The last Pope
Pope Francis will still become 85 years old on Dec 17, 2021 and then it will come true what Pius X saw in his vision about the horrific death of Pope nr.112. This last Pope had already been predicted by Bishop Malachy in 1139. From that time on there would be another 112 Popes and the current Pope Francis is Pope Nr.112! This Pope is the last one that could still be chosen in Rome, because almost immediately after the Rapture Rome will be totally destroyed!
The secret of Fatima (May 13, 1917) also describes the death of Pope Francis.

See details: Peter the Roman – The last Pope

The 1000-year Kingdom of Peace

After the birth of the State of Israel on May 14, 1948, the 1000-year Kingdom will begin 77 years later. That will be in Sept 2025 with the return of Jesus to the Mount of Olives.

August 2018 beginning of the last Week of Daniel

On Tuesday, Sept 4, 2018, I saw that Sept 23, 2017 (Rev 12:1-4) might very well be the beginning of Daniel’s last Week. If I then compare the vision of August 23, 2018 with it, I see a difference of 11 months and one day! (Sept 23, 2017 – August 23, 2018)

The first half of the last Week of Daniel (3,5 years) is from Aug 23, 2018 to Feb 4, 2022
The vision August 2018 is very easy to understand. At least, if you know what to look at. This vision should actually coincide with the events of Rev 12:1-4 on Sept 23, 2017. The month of August (2020) would then be the revelation of the false Prophet and the month of March (2021) could be the month of the Rapture. The two months (March and August) are indicated in the vision of August 2018. But, the vision does not end in 2017 but in 2018!

It looks like the Rapture will take place one year later. If this had not been the case, then the last Week of Daniel would have started on Sept 23, 2017 and the Rapture should take place in March 2021. But due to this shift, it will almost certainly become Feb 2022. But, we must assume that the Rapture will take place sooner.

Prophecy Sept 23, 2017 (Once in every 7000 years)
The date of the woman and the birth of the child was in fact visible in the position of the stars and planets. If I now compare the time of this vision with that of August 23, 2018, then there are 11 months and one day in between.

Although the vision ends in August 2018, it has hardly caused any upheaval spiritually. That is why I now assume that not Sept 23, 2017 but August 23, 2018 could be the beginning of the last Week of Daniel!

A generation is almost 74 years!
It is now certain that with God the Father one generation is 74 years, because the Rapture should take place in Jan/Feb 2022.

The countdown has officially started from May 14, 1948 with the birth of the State of Israel and will end with the Rapture in Jan/Feb 2022. That is a few days after 74 years. The 1000-year Kingdom of Peace should then begin in Sept 2025. (See chart)

(Psalm 90:10“As for the days of our life, they contain seventy years, Or if due to strength, eighty years, Yet their pride is but labor and sorrow; For soon it is gone and we fly away.”
Everything now indicates that with God the Father a generation is not 70 years but 73 years!

(Matthew 24:32-34) “Now learn the parable from the fig tree: when its branch has already become tender and puts forth its leaves, you know that summer is near; so, you too, when you see all these things, recognize that He is near, right at the door. [34] “Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place.”

The rider on the white horse

» For the time being nobody knows who this false Prophet is«

Birth Antichrist made known
The birth of this ‘Superhuman’ was made known to the world through the book ‘A gift of profecy’: …a child born somewhere in the Middle East as a Jew on February 5th, 1962 will bring about a turnaround in the world.”
In the second half of 1965 already, this book saw 11 reprints in America, while ‘Reader’s Digest’ also contained an excerpt in an edition of 25 million copies and in 14 languages. In many prophecies the Lord has confirmed that this child, born on Feb 5th, 1962, is indeed the Antichrist to be expected.

Source: (Magazine Vision “The Time is Near” 1967)

Revelation false Prophet
The moment the false Prophet will make himself known in July/August 2021, many people and name Christians will get confused, because this man is truly unimaginable!
Jesus: “The Beast will rise under the acclamations of the world, for he will bring a peace and prosperity like nobody has ever experienced before.”

Bron: [PDF] Mary K.Baxter (Hoofdstuk 22)

Five months for the false Prophet

The false Prophet is not yet known. But the Lord has already considerably shortened the time of 3,5 years of the false Prophet with more than three years! (To be precise: 3 years and one month) This has to do with the fact that practically the entire world will support this World Leader. This man will be that wonderful and convincing. Because Jesus said about this false Prophet: “That even the Christians will think that it is Me.”

The false Prophet will rule for five months and then the Antichrist takes over.
Pim Fortuyn, a Dutch political (1948-2002) caused already a big impression in one month, but this man however is truly unique! From the first day the whole world will know about this man. He will then be followed by Television every day for 24 hours.
Jesus, says of this false Prophet, that such a person has not yet existed.
In the Endtime the false Prophet brings so to speak life and happiness!

The horsemen on the red, black and pale horses represent the horrors of Armageddon. But the rider (false Prophet) on the white horse has a spiritual strength who, in this chaotic world, will really come with amazing solutions that we humans have not yet thought of. His ideas will be brilliant. He is the absolute World leader!

The false Prophet will bring peace to the whole world and he will easily solve all the problems that people face, such as the environment, housing shortage, poverty and famine. He will be able to solve all the deadly diseases in medicine and will also provide enormous employment, as well as social and economic progress as the world has yet to know. It goes without saying that the Jews and the whole world will see the Messiah in this man, an unprecedented world leader.

Who is the false Prophet?
The false Prophet on the white horse is none other than the Messiah to the Jews, whom they now expect any moment. This Messiah will be able to convince all Rabbis with ease in the beginning.
As many Christians already know; the false Prophet is not the Antichrist. He is for peace and is compared with Jesus. He sits just like Jesus on a white horse; the symbol of peace. Although he has the whole world in his power, he is however not an Antichrist, but a World leader of absolute peace.
Many Christians thought that the Rapture would take place on Sept 23, 2017. But because of the vision August 2018 the Rapture is now expected in Jan/Feb 2022.
Part of text from: The false Prophet August 2018 – (Dutch)

(Who is this man?)

The white horse of the false peace and the three horses of Armageddon
« Armageddon »
Four horses within 15 months!
The White Horse
(The false peace)
The red horse
The black horse
The pale horse
The white horse of the false peace and the three horses of Armageddon
Many think that the four horses are coming up at the same time
But there are five months between each horse
Every five months another horse
When the false Prophet is going to reveal himself, he will be the rider on the white horse. The other three horses have to do with Armageddon.
Because in these three visions the number five always occurs, I assume that after the white horse every five months later a different horse will rise again. For the time being the waiting is still on the rider of the white horse.
See the three visions: August 2018Five Fiches 59Five Tickets 1900.
The vision of August 2018 indicates 5 months and 5 years.

The times of these visions have yet to be adjusted.

Brothers and sisters,

Daniel’s final Week should have actually started from Sept 23, 2017, but was moved forward for 11 months and one day according to the vision of August 23, 2018. In fact, I assumed that August 2018 would be the month of the Rapture, also by what the Prophecy of Sadhu Sundar Sevaraj showed me about Jan 21,2019. But even then the Rapture will not yet take place. The prognosis will now be in Jan/Feb 2022.

“The Antichrist Will Rise From Berlin, Germany”YouTube (7:22)

There are three places where the false Prophet/Antichrist will rule:
1) A Head Office on all types of Political matters,
2) A Head Office on all the Religions in the world,
3) A Head Office on all Economic Affairs.

And one of these three will be in Berlin (Germany)

The Rapture

The Church is not ready
Suppose that the Lord would come along now with the Rapture, then the Church is not or hardly prepared. The Church of the Lord can only be fully prepared after the great Revival has broken out at the same time as the revelation of the false Prophet. The Christians all over the world will then be talking about the near upon Rapture.
The false Prophet refers to the first period of 3,5 years, but will reign no more than five months.

The period of the greatest Revival of all time will last exactly five months.

Situation Christians today
Jesus: “From all churches and communities there will be only a small group, which will then be found worthy to be taken away by the Rapture to the Father’s house, without seeing death.”

(Louise Buchmann -Switzerland– “What the Lord showed and told me” Page 27)

Of all Christians who have fulfilled the first obedience of God with the underwater baptism, less than 3% will be included. The rest ±97% shall be left behind!
The Lord clearly addresses the present congregation here, as it is today, Laodicea. For after all, with the great Revival, the angels of the Lord bring in a large crowd of 1,2 billion Christians of which the Holy Spirit will take up only 270 million.

(Matth.22:14) “For many are called but few are choosen.”

Very worrying
Even in the last five months, just before the Rapture at the same time as the great Revival, the situation of most Christians is more than worrying. Many live in the 1st degree of tolerance and can not bear any knowledge in the 2nd degree.* They are also not aware of their own spiritual shortcomings. (Rev 3:14-17)
(Rev 3:18) 2nd degree. This involves the Rebirth out of the spirit.**
See what the Lord said about the last Laodicean church:
Jesus: “40% of all Christians are spiritually dead, 30% are mentally absent and only a few of the other 30% are accepted.”
See the situation of the Christians: The Dragon and the Laodicean community
*) See difference 1st and 2nd degree: “The Sons of God” – (Dutch)
**) See: Way to Spiritual Rebirth (1) – (1st Test through Fire/2nd degree)


See video: Are you ready?YouTube (1:02)
This church is really crowded and then the Rapture is there.
And only ±15 Christians are left behind? It is just the other way around!
See videos! Another 3,5 years for the Rapture.Armageddon is in sight!
All videos about the Rapture are very misleading
Many (±97%) will be taken? It is just the other way around! That is why the Lord says that of the 1000 less than 1% of the Preachers, Pastors, Leaders and Evangelists and worldwide only 3% of the Christians will be taken in the Rapture and will hear the trumpet.
Many think that all Christians and nominal Christians will see the Lord on the clouds and that only a few of them will be taken up. The truth in this is that only those who are taken up will see the Lord.
The Leaders are responsible and they have failed! They have not preached the End Times and what the consequences of Armageddon will bring. In other words, they have not prepared the church. These Leaders still have time to put things in order from the present day on until Feb 2022.

“Prepare your congregation!”

Few are taken

The Rapture
When I added a small part in my report of “Silence before the Storm” under “Events that are about to take place”, Jesus gave me the following:
Jesus: “I take up just over one billion people.”
I was stunned! The Lord passed the number on to me, how is it possible.
With just over one billion I assume that it will be about 1.020 billion people.
Jesus gave me this number on Sunday, June 11, 2017/ 15:43.
Brothers and sisters, do you have any idea who these are? See details!

» “Rapture one billion” – (Nobody wants to stay behind)

Most of them are left behind
The Urban killer and the Pastor
There will be settled with the Leaders!

See: The Urban killerDevilish Christians (Waiting for Armageddon)

Brother Yong-Doo Kim
The Lord Jesus told Brother Kim that His coming is very near.
The following is written in book 5: “Baptized by Blazing Fire”

The Lord gave me the following clearly to understand:
“If the Pastors, Evangelists and Leaders do not clearly prepare the congregation for the Rapture, then the result will be that they will all be left behind.
The believers who remain behind, will express their anger on their Pastors. They will get angry because they were not taken with the Rapture. The believers shall take revenge on their Pastors, who had not sufficiently informed them about the approaching Rapture and the consequences of what Armageddon will bring to them.
The Pastors will die brutally by the hands of their own church members who were left behind. This event will take place throughout the world and in all places and churches.”
This, according to Jesus.
Brother Yong-Doo Kim’s response:

“As a Pastor, I am really afraid.”

This Pastor thinks he might be left behind with the Rapture. That is not exactly unjustified when you consider what Jesus said about it: “Only 1% of the 1000 Leaders are included.”
That so many Pastors and Leaders will remain behind has to do with the fact that they all live in the 1st degree of their tolerance. The Leaders are not or hardly aware of this.
In any case, the Holy Spirit has not been able to teach them sufficiently with John 16:13. That is because Satan exerts great pressure on them to believe and preach only what he (Satan) wants him to preach and how he should reassure the church.
See: “But in vain do they worship Me” (Jesus and Angelica Zambrano) – (Dutch)
For more details see:
“The Untroubled Pastor and his speedy cruel death”
After the Rapture the Leaders will be recognized by their own members!

All texts are from the New American Standard Bible (NASB)

and completed by prophecies according to (John 16:13)

The race to Armageddon

(DZG// Tuesday 25-09-2018)

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Horses in full trot (First seal – The white horse)
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2017 Crop Circle: Cerne Giant, Dorset – Reported 22nd May
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(Two characters in one body) The false Prophet and the Antichrist in one body
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The Woman and the DragonYouTube (Total 59:59)
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For the time being, nobody knows who the false Prophet is
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The rider with the bow opposite the other three horses
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The false Prophet on the white horse
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The red horse
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The black horse
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Every five months another horse
How is Malaysia Flight MH17 Linked to End Time Prophecy
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The Antichrist Will Rise From Berlin (Germany)
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The Rapture
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Few will be taken YouTube (24:57)
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Most of them are left behind
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The Pastor gets the blame (The Urban Killerr and the Pastor)
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De harde Kern – There will be settled with the Leaders!
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