Donald Trump President of America Again

Donald Trump Warrior And Fighter
The David of God Will Win
Trump Shall Become a Trumpet
* * * * *
First and Second Term
Jan 20, 2017 – Jan 20, 2021 (4 years)
Sept 5, 2024 – Feb 5, 2025 (5 months)
» Total 4 years and 5 months «
– Donald Trump –
President of America again
Trump out of the race White House? No!
The Supreme Court of the state Colorado ruled on Tuesday (Dec 12, 2023) that Donald Trump is ineligible to hold public office in the state due to his role in the storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

If other states follow the state of Colorado, Donald Trump could still become President, even if he is not on the ballot paper of Colorado and possibly other states.

Donald Trump a David of God!
It has already been determined that he will run for a second term.
See date: From September 5, 2024 to February 5, 2025. (Total 5 months)
The End Times are almost over and Jesus stands behind Trump!

It will be known before September 2024 that he has won the Presidency after all.

Five months left for Donald Trump

Trump will not be elected again in 2024, because time has already run out. No elections will be held on that date. Armageddon is going to begin from Feb 5, 2025 and will end on Sept 5, 2025. That will also be the beginning of the 1000-year kingdom of peace.

Three Prince Angels
Donald Trump will become president again from Sept 5, 2024 or in October, that is for sure. Namely, with the Great Revival, through the power of the Holy Spirit, the truth of the elections will come to light. Because as the world knows: The Trump elections were stolen and Joe Biden won!

Donald Trump may be a Christian, but is not yet filled with the Holy Spirit. That will only happen in the time of the great Revival. He is called The David of God the Father and is guarded by three Prince Angels!

Donald Trump – David of God
God the Father said about Donald Trump: “My David!”

“For he is My David.”

Jesus, the Lion of Judah, stands behind Donald Trump

Trump – The Lion of America

Youtube (17:14) From (10:36) “My David.”
Kim Clement Prophesied:
God the Vader: “In the fall I will show you who has chosen to stay in this land and pray, for he is My man, for he is My David.”
This will take place before Christmas because it will be in the fall.

Facebook (6:31)

Approximate correct result
Donald Trump won
Prophetic Dream – Washington Post
Trump Won 101,978,000 votes
Prophetic Vision
Broeder Timothy Dixon (USA) – (Feb 5, 2021) YouTube from (13:15)
This vision includes the following:
God the Father hears the cries of all the people of the Earth.
The Washington Post declares Trump has won by 101,978,000 votes! He saw this, in the vision, very clearly written in large letters in the newspaper.

New York Times details how 7 countries were involved in voter interference. They were mostly Whistle-blowers.

The Holy Spirit
Vision Explanation – Brothers and sisters, this is what Timothy Dixon must have actually seen.

The following is an event that will begin from Sept 5, 2024. The Great Revival!

Chariots of Fire
Then in America Timothy Dixon saw chariots of fire and great conflagrations (flames of fire) all around all the churches of the Lord. These great fires represent the Holy Spirit, who has surrounded the Lord’s church with fire.
Above all the churches are numberless angels in the heavenly places, in chariots of fire, who will defend the churches of the Lord against the attacks of Satan and his devils. The flames of fire, surrounding the churches, represent a gigantic Revival!

Brother Timothy Dixon actually sees a Revival whereby one church after another is growing in the Great Revival. What the Lord Himself has shown me is; that the Great Revival is going to begin first in America and from there it will go all over the world.

About 5 Months left for Donald Trump (Sept 5, 2024 – Feb 2025)

David of God
Two lawyers who will announce this big news are Lin Wood and Sidney Powell.
A man on a glass chair represents Donald Trump. Trump returns to the White House.
The meaning of the glass chair is; that Donald Trump is and will remain transparent to the public.

This according to Timothy Dixon. For, he is the David of God in all truth!

The last seven months before the Rapture
The Great Revival is set to begin in Sept 2024 and will gain momentum from America and sweep across the globe! The false Prophet is expected on Sept ±5, 2024 and will only reign for 5 months (150 days). He is the World Leader.
The false Prophet will be killed on Feb ±2, 2025. Then three days later the Antichrist rises and Armageddon has begun.

Brothers and sisters, the End Times are almost over. The time is up!

Daniel’s last Week of Years – (2x 3,5 years)
Brothers and sisters, many wonder how I get the dates. It’s the visions!
The vision of August 2018 marks the beginning of the last 7 years of Daniel.
The vision of Chip 59 is about the time. (The 5th day of the 9th month of September)
The 1st period of time of the first 3,5 years has become, a total of 6 years, 5 months and 13 days.
(This 1st period started from Aug 23, 2018 and will end on Feb 5, 2025)
The 2nd period of time of the second 3,5 years has now become, a total of 7 months.
(This 2nd time will start from Feb 5, 2025 and will end on Sept 5, 2025)
The Great Revival from Sept 5, 2024 to Feb 2, 2025 – (Total 5 months)
Armageddon from Feb ±5, 2025 to Sept 5, 2025 – (Total only 7 months)

The 1000-year kingdom of peace – The return of the Lord on the Mount of Olives is expected on Sept 5, 2025 to Sept 3025.!

The false peace (5 months)
Two forces in the End Times
(From Sept 5, 2024 to Feb 5, 2024)
The Great Revival – The Holy Spirit

Donald Trump – David of God

Three Beasts in the End Times
The first Horseman of total peace
(From Sept 5, 2024 to Feb 5, 2025)
The first Beast is the false Prophet – The Rider on the White Horse
The third Beast is the European Union (EU)

The United Nations (UN) is also a Beast!

Armageddon (Only 7 months)
The Last 3 Horsemen of Death
(From Feb 5, 2025 to Sept 5, 2025)
The second Beast is the Antichrist – The rider on the Red Horse
The Rider on the Black Horse – The Starvation

The Rider on the Pale Horse – The Death of the Christians

The 1000 Years of Peace
(From Sept 5, 2025 to Sept 3025)

Text: New American Standard Bible (NASB) and the King James Bible

and completed by prophecies according to (John 16:13)

Donald Trump President of America again from Sept 2024

(DZG2015// Wednesday Dec 7, 2022) – (Update: Dec 21, 2023)

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Jesus, the Lion of Judah stands behind Donald Trump
The story of Donald and the Giant: Kim Clement prophecy 2014
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President Donald Trump is back again in the White House
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Still ±5 months for Donald Trump (Sept 5, 2024 – Feb 2025)
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In this image from video, former President Donald Trump announces he is running for president for the third time as speaks at Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday. (AP Photo)
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