Donald Trump – The David of God

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Update: Not 10 but only ±5 months!
The Last President

(Sept ±5, 2024 until Feb ±2, 2025)

Update (Feb 19, 2024)
Second Coming Jesus Before April 20, 2025
– Rapture Zone –
(Twice a Rapture! – April 16 and 19, 2025)
Easter April 20, 2025
2022/2023/2024? Wrong!
Rapture Expected in April 2025
(Times not yet Adjusted)


Back in office after the Great Revival has begun

Joe Biden the wrong President

(Update) At the end of July, beginning of August or Sept 2024, it will be announced that Donald Trump has still won. In the month of Sept 2024 Donald Trump will be President of America again!

The false Prophet/Antichrist
The false Prophet rises in Sept 5, 2024 and will be killed 5 months later on Feb 2, 2025. Three days later, Satan will take over the body of the false Prophet and the Antichrist has risen. His end will be in Sept 5, 2025.

(Rev 13:12) “And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.”

Why President Trump will step down before time
The Laser Burn Mark/Logo (666) will be made mandatory almost immediately(?) from Feb 2025 on, after which Donald Trump will have to resign, because he is not going for the Mark 666.
Better explained: Without the Burn mark 666, no more work can be found!
(Visioen Ken Peters) – See 666: Sun as Logo/Mark. »

(Rev 13:17) “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

The next President a woman
(Aug 19, 2019) – YouTube Total (2:33:50)
YouTube – Best from (1:32:50 to 2:09:45)
From (1:36:00) A woman riding on a beast, a woman worse than Hillary Clinton!
That could be Harris, because there is no one coming near her.
Joe Biden (78 yrs.) will not make it and will die this year 2021.
That is easily calculated, because after Trump the next President is going to be a woman!

There will be no more elections, as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were pre-elected. Harris, currently Vice President of the United States, will then take over the position as a President.

Update: April 05, 2021
Brothers and sisters, there are plenty of visions in which Jesus has expressed His displeasure about the way the elections in America have gone. Fraud has been committed on an unprecedented scale! The people have clearly chosen for Donald Trump, but a digital trick has turned it into Joe Biden. It has been responded to with much disbelief throughout the world!
God the Father has clearly stated:

“Whoever chooses the wrong President chooses for America’s downfall!”

America on the brink of collapse
(Premiered on Oct 18, 2020) – YouTube (40:101:29:36)
Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj: Than the Lord Jesus look at me, and He said: “I want you to go to America and warn them of the judgment that is coming upon them, now please listen very carefully, if they choose the wrong President.”
Indeed, God the Father could now plunge the whole of America into disaster by opening the floodgates and dividing America in two parts with the Mississippi River.
The Mississippi has now a length of 3.766 Km and is ±400 meters to 6.4 Km wide, but would then become ±33(!) Km wide in its entire length!
Many, very many Hurricanes and Whirlwinds would ravage the country to the limit and the Dollar would collapse completely. But God the Father will not do that, because the people are innocent. They have chosen well! But, it has been the Democrats, in the Capitol, who have been able to influence the US Elections in a very clever way.

At the hands of the Democrats, America is already on the brink of collapse!

This is what I see:
Trump won the election with 93%. But… I also see another number: 97%!
The Democrats have, almost certainly, had a digital program developed so that, without any effort, they would never lose again with each subsequent election!
This program could be: Red October – See details!
Some examples:
(Aug 10, 2020) Massive Election Fraud in Belarus. (20 against 80%!)
That is really impossible, as the people voted against President Lukashenko en masse.
(Jan 16, 2021) Fraud in Ugandan elections very controversial! (34.8 against 58.6%!)
Dictator Museveni (76) has been in power already for 35(!) years.
The African country has voted against him en masse!

It is likely more countries will follow.

Update April 8, 2021 – End Time almost over
Oh… brothers and sisters, Time is passing much faster than we think.
Donald Trump doesn’t have 10, but 7 or 6 months to go!
From June 20, 2021 to January 20, 2022 = 245 days.
(Aug (5) Sept (4) Oct (3) Nov (2) Dec.2021 (1) Jan. 20, 2022)

The end of the false Prophet will be, between 11 and 14 January 2022!

The Great Revival only 6 months!
The countdown has started from May 14, 1948, with the creation of the State of Israel, and ends on April 13, 2022!
(One generation of God is exactly 73 years and 11 months.)
The great Revival will start from July ±14, 2021 until January ±14, 2022. (Total 6 months)
The false Prophet from August ±14, 2021 until his death on January 14, 2022. (Total 5 months)
The Antichrist will rise three days later, after the false Prophet has been killed on Jan 14, 2022 and will find his own death the moment Jesus sets foot on the Mount of Olives in Sept 2025.
It does not matter where ever the Antichrist may be by then.
The 1st and 2nd Rapture (The Rapture) is expected on April 13 and 16, 2022!

«- See Countdown. The countdown is now going very fast!

King and President of America
Donald Trump will take over the White House again in September 2021.
But… brothers and sisters, there is an even better exact date: July 4, 2021!
Would Tim Dixon be right? It is a Prophecy!
(7:47) God the Father will appoint Donald Trump as America’s King and President!
My prayer: “My Lord, why is it taking so long?”
Jesus: “As soon as this is about to happen, I want to be in the middle!”
The best moment could be on the day when the newspapers, the media, in America will still declare Trump the winner. It did not become known at Easter (April 4, 2021), but will take place at some point that no one will expect. But when?
That will happen at the moment when the Great Revival will break out.
(Joel 2:28) “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh…”

This is what the Lord meant by being in the middle!

Donald Trump and the Holy Spirit
Jesus says He wants to be in the middle when Donald Trump is re-elected. That can only happen when the Great Revival starts and that is from July 14, 2021 to January 14, 2022!
Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj – Profetie:
In the month of July 2021, Donald Trump will be filled with the Holy Spirit, says the Lord.
Jesus: “…and I will baptize him with the Holy Ghost and with My power.”

In the Great Revival, Jesus will fill Donald Trump with the Holy Spirit. That means that he has not yet experienced underwater baptism. If he had, Jesus would not have said so. (Joel 2:23) “Be glad then, ye children of Zion, and rejoice in the LORD your God: for he hath given you the former rain moderately, and he will cause to come down for you the rain, the former rain, and the latter rain in the first month.

The new Wedding Guests
In six months, during the Great Revival, the Holy Spirit is going to baptize one billion people with water, including Donald Trump. This will be the 2nd group of Wedding Guests, of which only 300 million will be taken up on April 16, 2022. See details! The Rapture One Billion
This spiritual water baptism goes as follows:
A person who has come to living faith by the power of the Holy Spirit, will notice from one moment to the next that he is completely drenched with water, while still wearing all his clothes!

The special thing now is that his clothes have not gotten wet and that he feels, as it were, completely submerged under water. But, it is the Holy Spirit that baptized him.

Tim Dixon Prophecy – See: Key Points
Once Donald Trump’s victory is established, all culprits will be identified within 30 days from that moment on!
The angel of death will strike. (Joe Biden will die this year 2021. He will no longer be President by then.)
God will turn the structure of politics upside down.
Kamala Harris will be betrayed and shall turn against those who have turned against her.
God is going to turn the tables.
(The Republicans will get for 100% the Capitol and the White House.)

So much for Tim Dixon’s vision.

A False President
Evil in the White House will be stopped!
The horrors that would happen in the current government if Jesus does not stop it before time.

The man Joe Biden, a fake President, hidden from the public by the Democrats, must return the power to President Donald Trump!

(Prophecy Tim Dixon) A white horse that travels throughout the world like a flame, the man (Trump?) who rides him with the Bible in his hand.
The Great Revival will blow all over the world coming from America!
Trump holds up the Bible at the “Church of the Presidents.”
(The St. John’s Church in Washington, nearby the White House.)

Prepare for the Great Revival that will start from July ±14, 2021 on until the end of the End Time on January ±14, 2022, because then Armageddon will begin!

The Rapture April 2022 – How much time do we have?
The 1st Rapture is expected on April 13, 2022!
Three days of darkness – (Death and destruction)
The Night of 72 hours – (Death and destruction)
The 2nd Rapture will take place after these three days, on saturday April 16, 2022.
Easter is on Sunday April 17, 2022!

See: Two Times a Rapture

The last Week of Daniel – (2x 3,5 years)
Brothers and sisters, many wonder how I got the dates.
It is because of the visions the Lord has given me. There are many details!
End Time Almost Over. Jesus: “Those who are awake and pray when I come will know when I will come!”
Prophecy: Pastor Sori Park (South Korea)
See Calendar: All dates are fixed!
The vision of August 2018 indicates the beginning of the last Week of Daniel.
The vision of Fiche 59 (Dutch) concerns the age of the false Prophet.
The first 3,5 years started from Aug 23, 2018 and will end on Jan 14, 2022.
The second 3,5 years will start from Jan 14, 2022 and will end in June 2025.
The Great Revival from Sept 2021 until February 5, 2022 – (Total 5 months)

Armageddon from February 2022 until June 2025 – (Total 42 months)

The 1000-year kingdom of peace

The Battle of Armageddon will not end until June 2025. The Lord’s return on Mount Olive is not expected until three months later, in the first week of Sept 2025!

The false Prophet does not become older than 59 years
Then the Antichrist takes over
Vision/prophecy that the Lord showed me in the morning (5:00 AM) on Dec 15, 2015.
The five fiches indicate the five months of 5x 30 days = 150 days.

To be precise, from Sept 2021 until Feb 5, 2022. That means that the great Revival will last 150 days, before the Rapture will take place 90 days later on April 13, 2022.

Time is up!
Jesus: “The time has long since passed. Time is already up. The lines have already been drawn. I know who are Mine and who are not. However, beloved, you must prepare so that you can hear the call of the shofar [horn].”  – Prophecy: Maurice Sklar USA
The False Peace – (From Aug 2018 until Jan 14, 2022) These are the first 3,5 years of Daniel.
(Matt 24:34“Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.”
A generation or lineage is with God the Father 73 years and 11 months.

(The last generation from May 14, 1948, with the creation of the State of Israel, until April 13, 2022.)

Revelation Antichrist 2nd week of Jan 2022
The last 90 days, starts from January ±14, 2022 until April 13, 2022!
Jesus:  “Make sure you have enough food in the house for at least three months”
(Three months is ±90 days) Jesus would not have said this just like that, so take your measures!

Jesus told me this on Saturday, October 6, 2018 at 12:28 PM.

The Antichrist on the Red Horse
Then five months later the black Horse and again five months later the pale Horse.
Armageddon will start from Jan 14, 2022 until June 2025. These are the second 3,5 years of Daniel.

The return of Jesus on Mount Olive will be in the first week of Sept 2025.

(Brother Tim Dixon Jan 24, 2021)
See: Summary Key Points of Prophecy
The Lion of the tribe of Judah is Jesus Christ. (Rev 5:5)
The seven trumpets are the voices of 7 ministers warning of things to come.
President Trump returns to office for 4 more years. (Should be, another 7 or 6 months!)
The man with the staff is the spirit of Moses.
The white mule symbolizes that God (not man) has chosen Trump to reign.
The man in the storm and whirlwind is the spirit of Elijah.
Biden and Harris are on the donkeys.
The donkeys represent the Democrat party.
The donkeys’ death represents the Democrat party loses power and no longer gives support to Biden and Harris.
Biden grabs his chest and dies with a heart attack.
Harris has hidden evidence, throwing it at the members of congress to take them down.
The stabbing with a knife in the hand of Nancy Pelosi’s hand represents that Pelosi loses all power.
The tornado that comes into the Capitol represents the coming storm of retribution against corruption in the capitol, exposing child trafficking, pedophilia, and all forms of deep wickedness.
Pelosi, Schumer, and many others are removed from their positions.
A few congress members never involved themselves with the corruption and were left unharmed.
See details video!

Text: New American Standard Bible (NASB) and the King James Bible

and completed by prophecies according to (John 16:13)

Donald Trump – The David of God

(DZG// Wednesday April 07, 2021/ 00:53)

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