Two characters in one body

“Two Characters in one Body”

2017 Crop Circle at The Cerne Giant, Dorset – Reported May 22ndYoutube (0:46/ 6:56)

Vesica Piscis – Dorset England (22 May 2017)

The false Prophet and the Antichrist in one body

Update (June 20, 2021)
“Second Coming Jesus before April 17, 2022!”
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The mystery 23rd of September 2017 hidden in a crop circle
Revelation false Prophet is expected on 14 Aug.2021
At the time the false Prophet unveils, the last great Revival also breaks out.

See: The Late Rain (Joel 2:23/28)

A fiche with the number 59
Brothers and sisters, on Friday night 15-09-2017/ 22:10 hour, I found on Google a crop circle that corresponds to the second vision I received from the Lord.
If I would not have received this vision of the fiche 59 as I did on Dec 15th, 2015, I would not have been able to describe the image that is in the crop circle. At first sight, the image seems to be of Jesus, but actually represents the two characters of the false Prophet and the Antichrist.
See more details of that vision:

The Coming of the False Prophet and 59 year (1962-2018-2021) – (Dutch)

These are two circles that overlap each other with a figure in the middle
These two circles represent two characters in one body. The crop circle shows a picture that first the false Prophet and then the Antichrist will live in that body.
On Google “Images” and “YouTube” many photos and videos of this crop circle are shown. If you enlarge the figure, then you can see a circle in the middle of the figure that has to represent a sun. This sun radiates a total of 23 rays to both directions.
If you look at the picture, you’ll see 12 stripes or rays very clearly on the left and the right of the figure, which have to do with the 12 stars above the head of the woman on 23rd of September 2017.
These 12 rays (stars) could represent the 12 commandments of God. On one hand, the false Prophet follows the 12 commandments of God because he pursues peace and on the other hand, the Antichrist is attacking the 12 commandments of God to drive people into pure despair.

In total these are 23 stripes that could represent the 23 days of September 23rd, 2017. Coincidence?

See some examples in Google “Images”.
See in the pictures a circle in the middle of the figure that should represent a sun.
See also in “Images”: Vesica Piscis Crop Circle
See the many other types of images of two circles intertwined.
It all looks very mysterious. These are mysteries that can hardly be seen by humankind. Almost always it contains important information that could concern man and earth. It has only been possible in some occasions to translate and explain the mystery of it.

The crop circles resemble a mathematical formula. It also appears so unusually interesting that it’s really impossible for people to imitate such a big image, so symmetrically, in such a short time.

Two Characters in one Body
Vesica Piscis – Dorset England (22 May 2017)
See L/R 12 rays(stars) according to Sep 23rd,2017
One Vesica Piscis – Asbury Engeland (1996)
This same image Jesus gave me with the no.59
Jesus, in a vision, showed me a picture of a two-circle fiche interwoven with each other with the number 59 below. Immediately I saw that this was the false Prophet and the Antichrist who would live in one and the same body. They are two different characters.
The false Prophet is the one who will live the longest in this body. Total 59 years and 11 months. That is seen from February 5th, 1962 to Jan 11, 2022.
(February 5th, 1962 is the birth date of the false Prophet/Antichrist)

After the death of the false Prophet, the Antichrist takes over this body through a “Walk-in” for 3 years and 3 months from Jan 14, 2022 to Sep 2025.

Truth vision of the five fiches (59) seen on June 21, 2016 
The vision of “Aug 2018” makes it very easy to consider. The truth however of the two circles intertwined actually represents two characters in one body! There is a time laps of three days. The first and longest time is that of the false Prophet and the shortest time of the Antichrist. Both characters then lived in one body. That is why the two circles interweaved into one fiche are to be seen as one body.
The No.59 stands for the age of the false Prophet. He will not become older than 59 years.
See details of the third Antichrist: Antichrist: “56 years (2018-2021) 59 jaar – (Dutch)
The first Antichrist: Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) He has become 51 years old geworden.
The Second Antichrist: Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) He has become 56 years.

The five fiches represent the five months from march 23 to Aug 23, 2018. That means that the last week of the year has started from that date. But the five months actually indicate the time each horse will get up.
After the 1st rider, a different horse gets up every 5 months.
See details of this vision:

The Coming of the False Prophet – (Dutch)

Because the false Prophet was not yet known in November 2015, I wrote in the report of “The Four Horsemen of the End Time” that the false Prophet would certainly be revealed in Dec. 2015, and based on this I received this vision of the five fiches with the No.59 on it.
The prophecy of Nathan took place on September 27th, 2015. He said; that it would take a few months before the Messiah (the false Prophet) would reveal himself.* By seeing this video, I thought that it was about Nathan’s time here. But its explanation appears to be completely different!

*) See: “Rabbi Rami Levy & 15 year Old Natan” – (dutch)

Revelation False Prophet
At the time that the false Prophet will reveal himself on Aug 14, 2021, many people and name Christians will become confused because this man is truly unimaginable! The world has never known anyone alike yet.
Jesus: “The Beast will rise among the world’s cheers, for he will bring peace and prosperity that no one has ever experienced anything like that.”
Source: [PDF] “Mary K. Baxter” (Chapter 22) (Dutch)

The Lord wants to keep the false Prophet’s time as short as possible. This has to do with the fact that the whole world will go behind this world leader. Jesus: “If I do not return before time, then the World, and even My people, will think that it is Me.”

From the very first day he will attract all the attention of the whole world in a very extreme way. Whatever this false Prophet will bring will exceed everyone’s imagination. All Jews in Israel and beyond will be out of joy! Because in this false Prophet they see the long-awaited Messiah. He is about to reveal himself at any moment.

( Sep 23rd, 2017)

Like Jesus, the false Prophet also radiates a kind of aura

This image resembles the Vesica Piscis, a pointed oval figure that originates from the intersection of two circles. If this image would represent Jesus, the rays would be the light (energy field) or an aura that emanates from Jesus.

The whole world is being misled by the happening in the skies of Sep 23rd, 2017

Many people think that this image concerns Jesus. That’s because we see rays emanating from the figure. The rays emanating from the false Prophet have to do with his charisma which is actually an attraction.

If we now look at the three visions of The Sons of God which clearly concern the End time, from Aug 2021 could be the year of a new period of time. A time that for instance may be of influence on the weather that could be very pleasant for the next 1000 years. For example; in the whole world no winter nor extreme heat anymore but an average temperature of ±28 degrees Celsius and every day sun and rain in necessary time.

March 2018 / The Coming of the False Prophet / The last Year’s week of Isaiah and Daniel – (Dutch)

“The last three days before the Rapture you will not know whether it’s day or night.”
Evangelist Choo Thomas (Feb 9, 2012)

The Lord says that time is already up. “This is the end of the age, this is it. You are living in the most serious time ever in the history of this earth.”

(March 2018) The end of the End time
Jesus: “Those who are awake and pray when I come will know when I will come!”
Pastor Sori Park (South Korea)
(Amos 3:7) “Surely the Lord Yahweh does not do anything, or reveals His counsel to His servants, the Prophets.”

All texts are from the New American Standard Bible (NASB)

and completed by prophecies according to (John 16:13)

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2017 Crop Circle: Cerne Giant, Dorset – Reported 22nd May
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(Two characters in one body) The false Prophet and the Antichrist in one body
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Crop Circle Center England (22 Mei 2017)
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The two witnesses
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The false Prophet on the white horse
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