The End Time Sting Virus

(3 to 4 Days Sting virus)
“Stay at home!”
The Sting virus!

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Stand-by Get Ready!
(Sting virus from Sept 2 to 5, 2024)
Jesus: “Nobody expects the War to come!”
Brothers and sisters, I had actually expected the Sting virus much earlier! But at Christmas still nothing had happened. Now I can not imagine a better time than Sept 1-2, 2024. On one of these 2 days we should be able to assume that the Sting virus will strike. Prepare yourself!
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Update (Feb 12, 2024)
Second Coming Jesus Before April 20, 2025
– Rapture Zone –
(Twice a Rapture! – April 16 and 19, 2025)
Easter April 20, 2025
2022/2023/2024? Wrong!
Rapture Expected in April 2025
(Times partially adjusted)


(Update: Feb 12, 2024)
Brothers and sisters, Stand-by for the Sting virus!
It is impossible to accurately determine a date. It’s an assumption, a conjecture. Jesus also says: “Nobody expects the war (Sting virus) to come!”
The Sting virus will most likely come first on one of the days before 2 sept 2024. That is what I think and only after that could the false Prophet arise. At the same time, the Holy Spirit will also come to stop the Sting virus. The Sting virus may not last 4 days, but at most 2 or 3 days! That’s how terrible this Horror will be.
Sting virus begins from China!

We then only have a few hours at most before the Sting virus will arrive in the Netherlands. This Horror is driven by the wind and will cause death and destruction like the humans have never experienced before. Prepare yourself! Stay at home and close the windows and doors and do not go outside!

Brothers and sisters, what is going to happen is this:
On Feb 2, 2025, end false Prophet and… the Holy Spirit!
The moment the false Prophet is killed on Feb 2, 2025, the Holy Spirit will be taken from the earth. Being able to speak in tongues is then no longer possible, because the Holy Spirit is gone.
The Antichrist rises three days after the false Prophet is killed, and from Feb 5, 2025 Armageddon has begun! But… the 1st Rapture (Apr 16, 2025) will not take place until 70 days later in the Valley of Armageddon!
The 2nd Rapture (Apr 19, 2025) will take place from Feb 5, 2025 exactly 70 days later!

See: 1st and 2nd Rapture! Twice a Rapture

The Great Revival?
The Great Revival not 35 days, but 150 days!
The Sting virus has yet to take place and takes 3 or 4 days.
A Christian said to me that the Great Revival might only last 150 days.
Since Feb 2, 2025 is the end of the false Prophet and the Holy Spirit.
Jesus: “There will be a Great Revival of short duration.”
Prophecy Allison Pound (Jan 2017) See details: Twice a Rapture

The false Prophet is now taking a very long time. But that is just the way it is. It is now only a matter of days before he will reveal himself, because the time is almost up! According to the vision ‘Fiche 59’, the false Prophet has still to go until Sunday, Feb 2, 2025!

See Details: The False Prophet/Antichrist – Two Characters in one Body!
Update: Feb 12, 2024
Visions determine the End Time
Brothers and sisters, I have already received many visions about the End Time from the Lord, but the most beautiful vision was that of the Five Chips 59.

That vision Chip 59 with two circles intertwined and the number 59 underneath was a fact not to be missed. It gives an image of the false Prophet and the Antichrist who will live separately from each other in the same body. The false Prophet first and only after his death, Satan the Antichrist.

The false Prophet/Antichrist concerns one and the same person!
The false Prophet was born on Feb 5, 1962 and based on that, the Lord gave me the vision ‘Chip 59’. The false Prophet will not become older than 62 years 11 months and ±27 days. The false Prophet will be killed on Feb 2, 2025 and after 3 days Satan (Lucifer) will take over the body with a ‘Walk-in’ and on Feb 5, 2022 the Antichrist will rise!

I was able to calculate the End Time correctly with Chip 59. I’m holding on to this! The End Time has almost ended and has become so short that a shift in time can hardly be found. We know that Jesus can hold off an event until the very last day, but it is getting very exciting now, because the time is already up!

Jesus: “Nobody expects the war to come!”
According to the calculation, the Sting virus would break out around Christmas. But that did not happen. After all, nobody expects this coming war with the Sting virus. But maybe between Christmas and New Year’s Eve it is also possible or from New Year’s Day, on Jan 1, 2025?

Now I assume that the false Prophet will come first, during or after the Sting virus at the same time as the Holy Spirit. Compared to the Coronavirus, the situation will soon be 1000x worse! Jesus says so too.

Jesus: “The coming War will be devastating! So it is imperative that you come to Me now, because you may run out of time when it [The Sting virus] breaks out and you are overcome with fear.”  – The Lord is clearly talking about the Sting virus here!
“With the war great natural disasters are proclaimed that will come upon the earth. These judgments are part of My grace. They will kill one-fourth of the world’s population. Most of them are My people, so that they will not see the Beast. So be ready to meet your Maker soon.”
So much for this Prophecy.

See details: (Prophecy: Sara Ayin) Earth – The Beastly Kingdom!

Jesus: “Nobody expects the war to come!”

(This war concerns the Sting virus)

The 1th pandemic Corona-19
Jesus: “This [Corona] virus is still nothing compared to what I am going to send into the world.”
The earth match worse now than then in Sodom and Gomorrah!
Jesus: “Because of the very serious sins, I have added 2 more judgments.”
The Lord gave this to me on Saturday March 7, 2020 at 12:48 P.M.

These two judgments of God come before the Great Revival! The 8th and 9th trumpet. Only the 9th trumpet is the 4th woe! Most deaths will occur in the first 2 to 3 days, because people do not yet know what kind of deadly virus they are dealing with. The world will think that the Corona vaccine caused this new virus but it did not, it is a totally different new very deadly virus!

De Heilige Geest als de Leeuw Gods
Brothers and sisters, the Sting virus must take place still before the Great Revival!
(See Calendar!) The Sting virus could take place from the end of Dec 2021. After about 3 or 4 days Sting virus, the Holy Spirit, like a Lion, will stand on both these pandemics. Only the Sting virus will disappear, but the Coronavirus will come back in full force on Feb 2, 2025! That will happen the moment the Holy Spirit is taken away from the earth.
The 2nd pandemic is one of Fire!
Jesus: “The coming War will be devastating!”
See details: (Prophecy: Sara Ayin) Earth – The Beastly Kingdom!
Sting virus 350/±500 Million Deaths
We are on the brink of an unimaginable and terrible event!
Prepare yourself for that moment! The Great Revival will last approximately 150 days and will end on Feb 2, 2025. Armageddon starts from Feb 5, 2025.
The three days of darkness 2,3 Billion deaths!
(Horror of Death – From Apr 16 to 19, 2025)
See details: The 9th Trumpet

Text: New American Standard Bible (NASB) and the King James Bible

and completed by prophecies according to (John 16:13)

The Sting virus

(DZG// Saturday 25-12-2021) – (Update: Jan 3, 2023)

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