False Peace in the End Times

Christians in the End Times

Update (Feb 11, 2024)
Second Coming Jesus Before April 20, 2025
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(Twice a Rapture! – April 16 and 19, 2025)
Easter April 20, 2025
2022/2023/2024? Wrong!
Rapture Expected in April 2025
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False Peace in the End Times
Disbelief among the End-Time Christians
Death [666] is getting closer
The number 666 (Death) is getting closer and the Evangelists and Pastors still say nothing. No warning, nothing. The End Time is almost over and… the church is not prepared.
Meaning false peace misunderstood
My visit to Walibi 2022 made me sad. Not once has the End Times and Armageddon been mentioned. The Deadly Mark [666] will be a Tattoo in the form of a sign. Many Christians live in uncertainty and are kept sweet by general meaningless sermons and then suddenly… it will be too late. They are totally unprepared.
Situation of Christians Today
See what the Lord said about it: Jesus: “Of all Christians, 40% are spiritually dead, 30% are spiritually absent, and of the other 30%, only a few will be raptured.”
The Pastor can only do his best for the remaining 30%. Thus it becomes clear that only a few Christians from this group will be included. Most stay behind. When I said this to a Pastor, he had to admit that half of his congregation is asleep and many others are not or hardly interested anymore and still others who are busy with their telephone. Many come for the fun.

Before the great Revival breaks out, the church of Laodicea has almost completely fallen asleep spiritually. It is a sleeping congregation.

See Armageddon Card! 2024 should be 2025.
Disbelief among the End-time Christians
I handed out more than 1000 Armageddon tracts and talked to Christians about the End Times. A large part had their doubts and a few gave me the cards back, perhaps with the thoughts: “Another doomsayer” – Reaction: “Sir: Even before the last Week of Daniel starts, we are already gone!”  They should have known!
The Rapture postponed
The last week of Daniel started on Aug 23, 2018 and will end on Sept 5, 2025. That is 7 years and 13 days.
The last 7 years of Daniel. (2x 3,5 years)
We shall go through the 1st 3,5 years which was extended by Jesus with one year. Simply because the Christians are not prepared for Armageddon [666]. This is what Jesus gave me on Thursday, Sept 26, 2019 at 1:26 PM. Jesus: “My people are not prepared.”  (*)
With this statement, I assume that the Rapture has been postponed by one year.
Oh, brothers and sisters, how is that possible? Yes, the 1st 3,5 has now become 4,5 years. The time of Armageddon is now 2,5 years! Jesus had already foretold this. See: (Matt 24:22) Jesus: “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.”
*) Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj – Last Days message Pt 2 Aug 2017 – (Sept 3, 2017)
Jesus: “Persecution and martyrdom are coming, but My people are not prepared.”

See: YouTube (25:58 – 27:35) – (3:08:03)

Attacked by the Sting virus
The Lord has added 2 more judgments to the 7 Trumpets. The Lord has clearly said that and passed it on to the Prophets, but the Christians ignore it. There is no Alarm, it is still very quiet. But then suddenly, when the Sting virus will overtake the people, of aal people the Christians will scream the loudest… Lord, what’s going on? What is this? Has Armageddon already begun?

(Covid-19) Many people have been able to survive the Coronavirus, but there is one more to come and that too is a judgment of God: The Sting virus… and this one is 1000 times worse!

Stand-by for the Sting virus
But… before the Great Revival starts, we still have 3 or 4 days to go with the Sting virus. The Horror of Death!

Only the Holy Spirit can stop this Sting virus with the great Revival.

Sting virus before the Great Revival!
Jesus: “As soon as people think they have found a vaccine that could stop the Coronavirus, the Sting virus breaks out!”
The 9th trumpet (Sting virus) is expected at the beginning of September 2022.
Two Additional Judgments – The 8th and 9th Trumpet
These are the judgments of God for the very stiff people who just do not want to come to insight and repentance and… there is much more to come!
See: The 7 seals, the 7 trumpets and the 7 bowls. But, because of the seriousness of the sins, the Lord added two additional judgments to the 7 trumpets. The 8th and 9th Trumpet.
Covid-19 as the 8th trumpet and the Sting virus as the 9th trumpet.
See Details: The 9th Trumpet “The 4th woe!”

Three days of death and destruction » Prepare!

The Christians want to hear a pleasant sermon

and no End Time Horror

Churches, places of worship and free congregations will empty
Just before Jesus returns, Christians are no longer open to the gospel. They do not want to hear about sin and grace, about law and gospel, about repentance and conversion, as they used to. Instead, a replacement emerges, a happiness gospel. This is about success, about material goods, things that God never promised us. The lukewarm attitude among Christians is universally recognizable. The message of sin and grace, law and gospel, repentance and conversion, is no longer appreciated by many. Churches are empty. The people desire a pleasant gospel.

(The End Times and Armageddon) The Leaders; they know, but do not want to hear it, and they drag almost the entire congregation (97%) into the Valley of Armageddon!

The Pastors and their congregation
Many Pastors and Leaders of small and large church communities really think that everyone will be taken with the Rapture. But why would you think that precisely your entire congregation (100%) will be raptured?
In many churches it has been a very fun and entertaining sermon over the years, but no knowledge has been gained about the End Times and how to survive Armageddon. Until the Rapture is announced in the news: “Millions, if not more than a billion people have been Raptured!” – “Jesus came by and picked up the Christians!”

See: Vision Olav Rogde (The first hours after the Rapture!)

It is not easy to be admitted for the Rapture. It really takes an unimaginable amount of prayer, fasting and strength. You can not just assume you are ready. You must have proof!

(2 Peter 1:10) “Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall.”

Many are called, few are chosen
See, a statement from the Lord when it comes to the Rapture. The Lord is clearly addressing the church of Laodicea with this and the Great Revival has not even started yet.
Jesus: “Out of all churches and communities it will be only a small group, which will then be found worthy to be taken away by the Rapture to the Father’s house, without seeing death.”

Source: Louise Buchmann (Switzerland) “What the Lord showed me and told me” (p.27)

Zeilboot_ Donkere Wolken

Many unconsciously go into dark times

“The entire congregation shall be raptured?”

It is just the other way around!

All the Rapture videos are misleading
Many (±97%) will be included? It is just the other way around! That is why the Lord says that out of 1000, less than 1% of the Pastors, Leaders and Evangelists and worldwide only 3% of Christians will be raptured and will hear the trumpet blast.
The Leaders are responsible and they have failed!

They have not preached about the End Times and what the consequences of Armageddon will entail.

Rapture in a ChurchYouTube (0:30)

Only 1 remains? It is just the other way around!


Of all the rapture videos, this one moved me the most! In this video a father is going to swing his child and suddenly the little one is gone! But… especially see the moment when a man only has his wife’s wedding ring left as a reminder!

Are you ready?YouTube (1:02)
This church is really overcrowded and then the Rapture is there.
And… only ±15 Christians are left behind??? It is just the other way around!
See: “Armageddon is in sight!”  (Videos – The Rapture)
In these YouTube videos it is very clear who will be left behind.
Prepare yourself
(!) A Christian in Curaçao (woman ±60 years) confirmed that she received a vision from the Lord in the year 2012, that most of the congregation remains behind. When I told her that less than 3% of the current church of Loadicea will be included, she came with this confirmation.
See: (2 Peter 1:10) “Election – necessity!”

(A righteous one barely saved)

Trompet Opname
Moment of the Rapture
(Archangel Gabriel)

Text: New American Standard Bible (NASB) and the King James Bible

and completed by prophecies according to (John 16:13)

De False Peace in the End Times – (Death [666] is getting closer)

(DZG// Friday June 10, 2022) – (Update: July 7, 2022)

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