DEFCON 1 The World at War

World War 4 will last about 2 weeks

Russia will first start the Atomic War

Update (Feb 11, 2024)
Second Coming Jesus Before April 20, 2025
– Rapture Zone –
(Twice a Rapture! – April 16 and 19, 2025)
Easter April 20, 2025
2022/2023/2024? Wrong!
Rapture Expected in April 2025
(Times not yet Adjusted)


(DEFCON-1) The World at War
The Destroyer of Worlds
DEFCON-1 (which has never been achieved) is one of the most dangerous situations, such as a Nuclear War. This is truly terrifying… We are only one step away from that.
Albert Einstein may well be right when he said: “I do not know what weapons World War 3 will be fought with, but World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones.”
There are no victors with an Atomic War.
Inventor of the Atomic Bomb
J. Robert Oppenheimer’s infamous quote: “Now I am Death, the Destroyer of Worlds.”
(13.875.187 views / Aug 6, 2011) J. Robert Oppenheimer speaks those famous words.
This video was posted, in 1956, on the 66th Anniversary of the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima.

Robert Oppenheimer, born 1904 New York. (1904-1967)

NATO puts troops on standby over Russian invasion of Ukraine

The 3rd and 4th World War

Still before the 1st and 2nd Rapture

In 1968, a 90-year-old prophetess from the village of Valdres in Norway received a vision from God that describes the world of today and tomorrow with precision. Evangelist Emanuel Minos at that time (1968) held Revival Services in her hometown and had the opportunity to meet her and tell him what she had seen.
Emanuel Minos: Tears started flowing from her eyes and ran down her cheeks. Then she said: I will not see it, but you will see it. But then…: Suddenly, Jesus will appear* and World War III will break out. It will be a short war. (This as she saw in the “vision”)
(The Writer: This World War III will last about 3 weeks and will be a Conventional War without Nuclear Bombs.)

*) “Jesus will appear.” This does not concern the Rapture, but has to do with the Great Revival that will last five months, because the 3rd and 4th World War will take place before the Rapture!

Drawing outline vision of a 9 year old boy (USA)

World War 4

Atomic Fire in the Valley of Armageddon

(Vision) The 9 year old boy saw very clearly where America will be hit with Fire. See the many crosses! The Fourth World War will definitely be different from the Third World War. Since there will be two kinds of war within two months, the distinction or difference is made by its intensity. Hence the Third and Fourth World War.

The 3rd and 4th World War
Brothers and sisters, between the 3rd and the 4th WW there will be a pause of ±20 days because of the impact of a very large Asteroid (±3 Km in size) from space in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean! As a result, these two different wars are so close to each other that it is seen as one war. The 3rd WW still with ordinary conventional weapons, but the 4th WW with Nuclear Bombs!
Weapons make the difference between the 3rd and 4th World War. Had that not been the case, this would simply be World War III. Know that the Rapture will not have taken place then! See [Matt.24:1-33] and all that will happen before the Rapture. War and Nuclear Wars!
(Matt.24:34) “Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.”  – This verse concerns the 3rd and 4th World War and only after that the Rapture.

The Antichrist will rise on Feb 5, 2023 and the 1st and 2nd Rapture will take place 59 days later in the Valley of Armageddon on April 5 and 8, 2023. Easter on Sunday, April 9, 2023.

Three weeks of apparent peace

An Asteroid will cause the Third World War to come to an early end after only three weeks. But… once peace has returned after three weeks, the Fourth World War suddenly breaks out, which will look very different from the Third World War, because this Fourth World War is one with Fire!

The Fourth World War will take place even before the 1st and 2nd Rapture. The Third and Fourth World War are so close together that it will be seen as one war, which it is not. These two World Wars take place in the first two months of Armageddon. (From Feb 5 to April 2, 2023) In Feb 2023 the Third World War and the Fourth World War in Mar 2023 with Nuclear Weapons! Both wars (WW3 and WW4) will last a total of 5 weeks.

From Feb 5, 2023 to Sept 5, 2025: Total time Armageddon 2 years and 7 months.

Abbé Curicque (Metz, France 1872)
(East and West) A great battle will break out. The enemies come in a large army from the East (must be; from the North). In the evening there is still a cry: “Peace, peace!” But the next morning they are already at the door (in Ukraine). The conflict in which one half of the world fights against the other will not last long; for God will scare off the belligerents, by unleashing a terrifying natural disaster.”
(This will happen with an Asteroid hitting the Atlantic Ocean.)
In the year in which the battle breaks out, the spring will be so early and so beautiful that the cows will graze in the tall grass of the meadow as early as April (must be March). The wheat can still be brought in, but not the oats. The conflict will not last long, for the Lord will frighten the warring people.
That will happen twice. The first time with an Asteroid and the second time with the three days of Jonah! While I was writing this, the Lord gave me this message: “After that there will be no more war, only with the Mark [666].”  – But… that is spiritual warfare!
This is what Jesus gave me on Thursday 20-02-2020 at 13:58 pm.
Armageddon is not about war, but has to do with the nr.[666].

With this Mark [666] Satan will wage war against the Christians.

Alois Irlmaier, June 26, 1959
“How long will the war last? I can clearly see the number three, but whether it will be three days, three weeks, or three months, I do not know.”
The Writer: World War III will break out in Feb 2023 and will be suddenly interrupted three weeks later when an Asteroid hits the Atlantic Ocean. After that, it will take about three weeks before World War III resumes. But… this Third World War is in fact World War Four and will only last two weeks. Irlmaier does not know exactly how long that war will last.

Because this will clearly be two different World Wars, he may have only seen World War III, which indeed only lasts 3 weeks. The 4th WW 2 weeks!

Nuclear World War 4 – NATO vs RUSSIA
(WW-4) The End Times Visions indicate the time in March 2023)
The Fourth World War
The 90-Year-Old Prophetess: All that I have seen of war is child’s play compared to this war and it will end with Nuclear Bombs. The air will then be so poisoned that one can hardly breathe. This war will be across different continents, America, [Russia] Japan, Australia and the rich countries.

The water will become contaminated, we will no longer be able to sow. Only a remnant, a small number will survive. Those left in the rich countries will try to flee to the poor countries, but they will treat us as harshly as we treated them.

I’m so glad I will not live to see this, but when the time comes, you Evangelist Minos, must have the courage to make this public and tell it. I received this from God and none of it contradicts what the Bible teaches.


(Matt.24:21-22) “For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. [22] And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: But for the sake of the chosen ones* those days will be shortened.”
*) The elect concern the Jews, God’s people, but these are not the 144,000 Messianic Jews, for they are untouchable. See Details: The Mystery of the 144,000 and The Evangelists of Armageddon – (Dutch)

(7.337.713 views) July 26, 2020 – YouTube (4:52)
This realistic, fact-based simulation is divided into 3 phases: Nuclear War, Nuclear Fallout and the Nuclear Winter. See this video to find out what will happen to the world during each of these three phases. The total number of deaths could rise to 200 million.
The Rapture has not yet taken place!

Jesus: “My people are at their best when they are under pressure.”


The False Prophet (The White Horse)
Brothers and sisters, it is now almost certain that the false Prophet will reveal himself on Sept 5, 2022.
As of this time, I have been able to capture approximately the following dates:
The last 59 days before the 1st Rapture
From February 5 until February ±27, 2023 = ±22 days. (World War 3)
From February ±27 until March ±19 = ±20 days. (Asteroid impact Atlantic Ocean)
From March ±19 until April 2, 2023 = ±14 days. (World War 4)
From April 2 until April 5, 2023 = 3 days. (The 3 days of Jonah)
(22+20+14+3= Total 59 days)
The 1st Rapture will take place on April 5, 2023.
The 3 Days of Total Darkness will take place between April 5 and 8, 2023.
The 2nd Rapture will take place on April 8, 2023.
Vision Chip 59 is a date – It couldn’t be seen
(59 is 5 September) The day the false Prophet will arise.
The 5th day of Sept and Sept as the 9th month. (5 Sept) (59)
The Antichrist will rise 5 months later on February 5, 2023.
The 5 Chips concern the 5 months. (150 days)
A different horse every 5 months. The Antichrist (Red Horse)
(2x 59) Vision 59 as the date (5 Sept) and 59 days for the 1st Rapture.
(From February 5, 2023 to the 1st Rapture, 59 days later, on April 5, 2023)

– Last Generation –
Time is up
Vision Aug 2018Beginning of the last 7 years of Daniel
The last 7 years of Daniel (Aug 23, 2018 – Sept 5, 2025) – (Total 7 years and 13 days)
(Psalms 90:10“As for the days of our life, they contain seventy years, Or if due to strength, eighty years, Yet their pride is but labor and sorrow; For soon it is gone and we fly away.”
(Matthew 24:32“Now learn the parable from the fig tree: when its branch has already become tender and puts forth its leaves, you know that summer is near…”  Israel is this fig tree!
(Countdown) The counting began on May 14, 1948 with the emergence of the State of Israel for the Jews and ends on Feb 5, 2024.

Armageddon begins on the very moment when the false Prophet is killed on Feb 2, 2024.

The Rapture before March 31, 2024
If we add 70 years to May 14, 1948, we arrive in May 2018, and if we add 10 years to that, is 80 years in May 2028. The Lord will come with the Rapture between May 2018 and May 2028.
The Rapture is expected before March 31, 2024. That now indicates that with God the Father a generation, except for one month, is almost 76 years.
(May 14, 1948 to March 27, 2024 is 75 years, 10 months and 13 days)
(Matthew 24:34) Jesus: “Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place.”

Prepare yourself.

« The Red Horse of Armageddon »
Four horses in 15 months!
Sept 2023  –  Feb 2024  –  June/July 2024  –  Nov/Dec 2024

Text: New American Standard Bible (NASB) and the King James Bible

and completed by prophecies according to (John 16:13)

(DEFCON-1) The World at War

(DZG// Thursday July 7, 2022) – (Update: July 13, 2022)

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NATO puts troops on standby over Russian invasion of Ukraine
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9yr old Grandson describes powerful vision of tribulation God gave him in detail Read Description
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(Atomic War) Attacks The World With Nuclear Bombs
(IC Pics Live Journal) Rapid global strike. (Part 1)
(May 27, 2017 at 8:52 PM) Published in abbreviation.
(Part text) From the 1980s until the collapse of the USSR at the end of 1991, there were many plans for US nuclear attacks on the territory of the USSR, which envisaged waging nuclear war within 3-6 months.
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