The End Time Coronavirus (Covid-19)

The End Time Coronavirus (Covid-19)

– Alarm in the End Time –
World in Panic
Brothers and sisters, see how the Lord prepares the people for Armageddon.

The Coronavirus is in fact a harbinger and a first clear serious warning that we are on the brink of what is really coming at us, Armageddon!

With the Coronavirus, 75 years of freedom have come to an end. (1945-2020)
The Coronavirus is not one of the “two extra judgments” that the Lord has added to the seven Trumpets and the seven Bowls and which will come to the world during Armageddon. This Coronavirus (Covid-19) causes people to unconsciously prepare for what really is to come, because Armageddon is approaching!
*) The Lord has given this to me on Saturday March 7, 2020 at 12:48 PM.
Because of the seriousness of the sins, the Lord has added “two extra judgments” to it, verily!

This will happen from the day (Jan.2022) the Antichrist reveals himself.

Harbinger of what Armageddon will bring to the people
Brothers and sisters, the Lord had already informed me in July 2019 that a virus will come into the world with which people will have a lot of trouble. This could very well be the Coronavirus, because the whole world is in panic! But… because I thought this virus would only take place after the Rapture, I did not write anything about it. However, the current situation (March 2020) shows a very different picture, namely that this might very well be the virus that the Lord has talked about.
The Lord: “There will be a virus for which no cure can be found.”
But… now I do not know if the Lord meant this Coronavirus, because there are people who have already been healed of it! Perhaps this virus will still come before the Great Revival begins and otherwise certainly in the Valley of Armageddon.

(!) This event brings details with which people during Armageddon have to take into account and many (±18%) are already responding effectively.

Start hoarding and stock up on enough food beforehand!
Make sure you have at home what you need most.
After the death of the false Prophet, in January 2022, it will still take another three months before the Rapture in April 2022 will take place, verily!

(See more details below)

Date Rapture is fixed
The Lord can return with the 1st Rapture on the 13th, but certainly on April 14, 2022! The day of the 2nd Rapture is fixed. That will be on April 16, 2022. That is a few hours or minutes before Passover (Easter) starts on Sunday, April 17, 2022.

See details! The 1st and the 2nd Rapture

The last 90 days
Jesus: “Make sure you have food and drinks in your house for at least three months!”  – (Three months is ±90 days)
Jesus told me this on Saturday, October 6, 2018 at 12:28 PM.
With these three months, the Lord clearly indicates that prosperity is already over. At the same day the false Prophet is killed, the Great Revival also has come to an end.
With this fact, the Lord speaks only to the Christians and not to the worldly people who love the world, because they do not believe it anyway. However, Christians do believe this and will take action ahead of time, ensuring that they have enough food and drinks in their homes for at least three months.
(See Photo: Crisis in Venezuela 2019)
After the death of the false Prophet, three days before the Antichrist will rise, all supermarkets around the world will be sold out within one week!

(Matt 24:21-22) “For then shall be a great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. [22] And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.”

The two Olive Trees
The Coronavirus is definitely not the work of the two Witnesses, despite the fact that they are allowed to hit the earth with all kinds of plagues, as often as they like.

Due to their actions, each plague lasts about five months and varies from country to country. Soon one disaster after another will completely unbalance people.

The Coronavirus can no longer be called a plague, but it is a major incalculable world scale disaster that cannot possibly be attributed to the two Prophets. It is different with the forest fires in Australia and Brazil. That may well be the work of the two Witnesses (Moses and Elijah), who started their work on Oct 1, 2018.* They will cause great unrest all over the world, for exactly 3,5 years!
However, it is not inconceivable that the Coronavirus could possibly have been caused by these two Prophets, because in China there are hardly any reports anymore of people being infected. The Lung Virus (Convid-19) or Coronavirus started in China on Dec 1, 2019 and would now have ended in April 2020. That is five months!
Could this have been caused by the two Witnesses after all?

*) See: “Five Fiches – The 2 Witnesses” – (Dutch)

The last five months of the End Time

However, the disasters will stop when the Great Revival begins in June/July 2021. From the revelation of the false Prophet in August 2021 (the predecessor of the Antichrist), he will be able to solve every crisis – or plague – with ease. Then no more problems shall occur on earth during these five months, because only after the death of the false Prophet, in January 2022, Armageddon begins!

The two candlesticks lined in burlap sacks
(Rev 11:3) “And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.”  – That is exactly 3,5 years!
This time reckoning (3,5 years) is seen from Oct 1, 2018 (2019-2020-2021) to ±1 April 2022. It is almost certain that they will be killed around this day. This has to happen before the Fourth World War begins! That is approximately ±13 days before the 1st Rapture will take place on April 13 or 14, 2022.
The Lord has told me this on Thursday March 12, 2020 after midnight at 01:43 AM!

The time (3,5 years) of these two Witnesses is different from the 2x 3,5 years of Daniel.

Seen from the year 2020, the two Olive Trees are both now 96 years old(!) and will soon be recognized by the Jewish people, and throughout the world. It must be, because what they will do to both nature and people will be really terrible.

(Rev 11:3-12) Verse 6: “These have power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophecy: and have power over waters to turn them to blood, and to smite the earth with all plagues, as often as they will.”

Venezuela 2019

– Store Food and Drinks! –
Twice a global earthquake within 24 hours

There will be a global earthquake twice, followed by three days of Darkness. All the people in the world will be warned by the first earthquake exactly 24 hours in advance. After that there will be a second global earthquake when the horror will hit the people with death and destruction. The three days of Darkness!

The three days of Jonah
When you see the Global Auroras, you only have two days until the first global earthquake.
Those of us who have the means to store food and lost of water should already do so while we still have time!
Buy canned food, foodstuffs and especially lots and lots of drinking water(!) well in advance, because no more water will come out of the tap. Electricity and Gas will no longer be supplied and could already stop in Feb/Mar 2022.

Brothers and sisters, assume that all Supermarkets worldwide will be sold out from 14 Jan 2022. Therefore, be prepared for the worst imaginable!

Harbinger of what is to come
Corona virus affects 75 years of freedom. People have already started hoarding with the Corona virus. But after a few weeks or months, the Supermarkets are not yet sold out. The Supermarkets remain open and stock will be replenished soon. However… it will certainly be different in the Valley of Armageddon.

(Armageddon starts on Jan 13/14, 2022)!

(From Aug 14, 2021 until Jan 14, 2022)
The last five months before Armageddon:
Store food and drinks during the Great Revival!
The last 90 days before the Rapture
Jesus: “Make sure you have food and drinks in your house for at least three months!”
Jesus told me this on Thursday 12-20-2018 at 11:28 PM.
The Lord had already told me this four times, but not yet as clearly as on that day. The Lord will not just say that, it is because Armageddon is in sight! That means that after the death of the false Prophet, and three days later with the revelation of the Antichrist, the Rapture will still not take place until 90 days later. We are by then already in the Valley of Armageddon!

(Important!) For those who are left behind (remnant Christians) it will be very difficult, because they continue until the end. They have to stock up for at least a year, because the supermarkets will no longer open!

(Jan 2022) End of false Prophet

With the death of the false Prophet, most Supermarkets will be almost completely empty within three days! We then have three months to go before the Rapture will take place in April 2022.

Important – (Stock up on food and drinks from 2020-2021 on!)

The fact that the Lord is talking about enough food and drinks here means, that the Supermarkets will be almost completely empty and sold out within three days. Everyone will have to err on the side of caution in advance. This will probably only happen after the false Prophet is killed, because many are still believing that this will actually happen. Then there will be a run for food and especially lots and lots of water!

Economy America and the rest of the world
Thus says the Lord: “Warning to America about the impending collapse of the dollar. When this happens, everything you took for granted in life will suddenly come to an end. You have never known such devastation. It will come upon you suddenly and in spring*, O haughty nation, in a moment.
What will you do when there is no more water, food, electricity or fuel?! Then you will call on to Me, but I will not hear you until you humble yourself in holy repentance. There will be riots, looting, state of war, rape, chaos, torture and murder, as well as imprisonment and illness. All evil will suddenly descend on you. All because you refused to repent and come back to Me.”
See text: The Restrainer (Maurice Sklar)
*) Spring: (From March 20 to June 20)

Text: New American Standard Bible (NASB) and the King James Bible

and completed by prophecies according to (John 16:13)

The Seven Thunders

(DZG// Tuesday – March 31, 2020/ 16:40)

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