Project Suriname

Renovation cottage of a Pastor in Suriname
Brothers and sisters,
Due to lack of finances, I can no longer fully fulfill the End-time Gospel how I would like to do, unfortunately… My pension is far too small for that.
There are however many visitors on my website. If you could transfer something: Oh, how well could you help me with that.
The Lord: “Whoever gives, I will give him!”
Rabobank The Netherlands nr. (NL39 RABO 0303 9724 24)
Mentioning: “Gospel Gift Jan Belle DZG”
Possibly with name and place, but it is not really necessary because the Lord knows exactly who has given.

Thanks in advance.

This is the cottage of Pastor Karel Soeleman in Suriname.

It looks very poor, but this is how it is. The plan is to further expand the cottage a bit. Who wants to help Karel and Nadia with some finances?

Pastor Karel Soeleman and wife Nadia
Cottage still under construction
Total overview cottage and garden
Side of cottage with garden
Plant growth
The Jungle behind the cottage
Indian Koeswe fruit (Orlaan tree)
Gospel Gift Jan Belle DZG
April 2020 – Gift: +30 Euro. Andrzej C.
February – (Donation)
Received from Mr/Mrs: P LETSCHERT
From October 2023 to February 2024, 5x 5 Euro given every month.
Already 25 Euro in total!
On behalf of Pastor Soeleman,

Thanks in advance.

Praise Jesus!

Update: 28 February 2024

Map Suriname
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