Organ Donor – The Silver Cord

“The Silver Cord”

Organ Donor – and the silver Cord”

– Still a perceptible nervous system body for 72 hours! –

(The importance of underwater baptism)

– Organ Donation –
“Do you want to have surgery without anesthesia?”


On 05-05-2017 the Lord let me know to pay some attention to this.
Brothers and sisters, many are not aware of the following:
(Ecclesiastes 12:6-7) “Remember Him before the silver cord is broken and the golden bowl is crushed… and the spirit will return to God who gave it.”

Jesus: “Opening of a corpse may only take place THREE DAYS after death has occurred – the life fibrils have not yet been cut.”

– Added note –
This applies to everyone! Whether or not you are religious.
Therefore the advice: “Pass it on, pass it on!”
There is more to it

Certain information is Not given to us

The silver Cord
After I had written this part (Part 1), the Lord told me to put this immediately on the website. Then I started with Part 2. See halfway this report.
(!!!) If a person is possessed by one or more Demons, then those Demons go along with that part of the body that is implanted in another body. The Demons can then continue their devastating work.
This is something that can only be understood spiritually.

See the following:

The first obedience to God
(Luke 3:3) “And he came into all the district around the Jordan, preaching a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins.”

With the underwater baptism the conversion is confirmed and you give the Holy Spirit authorization to teach you spiritually. Everything what you do before the underwater baptism is gathering knowledge in your own way, without the Holy Spirit helping you.

Therefore: Whoever comes to understanding and repentance, let him baptize immediately!
The Holy Spirit is your spiritual teacher. (2 Peter 2:2) “…long for the pure milk of the word, so that by it you may grow in respect to salvation.”
But the underwater baptism has even a much larger meaning and this has to do with the silver cord!
At the moment a Christian dies, the Holy Spirit is no longer present in the human heart. But also the soul of this Christian is no longer there. That is because, within one second after death, the Grim Reaper, “The Death” with the sickle removes the silver cord that was connected to the body.

From whoever has not experienced the complete underwater baptism, his soul remains connected to the silver cord during three days!

What you should know about organ donation
The shadow side of Organ Donation

(A perceptible nervous system body for 72 hours!!!)

A donor organ is removed from a living Body!

The following has been copied and edited. (JJB)
See original: “The shadow side of organ donation” – (Dutch)
Saturday, October 3, 2015/ 11:00 p.m.

Last updated: December 2, 2016

Organ- and tissue donation

Those who register as organ donors usually do this with the intention of helping sick fellow human beings. An excellent intention, everyone will agree on that. But what does it actually mean to be a donor in practice? What happens when you indeed come into a situation where your organs can be donated?

Many people do not realize that if you become a donor, you will usually not donate an organ after being deceased. In fact organs from dead bodies are unusable, because there is already damage within a few minutes due to lack of oxygen. Donor organs are therefore almost always removed from a living body. Only if they can get you into an operating room right after your death (for example, after a failed resuscitation attempt at the hospital) are organs from a dead body still usable.

This is not the case with most organ donations. In this case, the victim might have experienced something serious (such as an accident) outside the hospital and the unconscious body is brought to the emergency aid. Only if no more brain activity is measurable, the patient can be declared ‘brain dead’.

What is brain death?

At the moment the donor is declared brain dead, there is no longer any brain activity to be detected. However, there are enough cases where a patient who was declared brain dead, later responded again, and even recovered. If there is no serious head injury, no doctor can say with 100% certainty whether a patient will ever recover and what kind of condition he or she will be.

Operation without anesthesia
Many people also do not know that the removal of organs happens without any anesthesia. Doctors just start cutting, and this eventually results in the actual death of the body.

Once the diagnosis of brain death has been made, the organ donor will undergo during hours or sometimes days of horrible treatments to preserve the body, the container of “spare parts”, until a suitable recipient has been detected.

The fact that this cutting can sometimes still occur with a ‘living’ body (which has been declared brain dead), is evident from the fact that muscle relaxants are often administered beforehand and the body is being tied to the operating table.

(Because the silver cord is still connected to the soul and the nervous system body.)

It is a well-documented fact that the heart rate and blood pressure rise immediately when the first incision is made in the brain-dead patient. This means that the body indeed seems to be aware that it is in danger.

(Jesus: “Opening a corpse may only take place THREE DAYS after death has occurred – the life fibrils have not yet been cut through.” )

There are increasing protests from nurses and anesthetists, who react to the movements of a supposed “corpse” during the operation. The movements are sometimes so intense that it becomes im-pos-si-ble to continue.

As a result of their personal experiences, many professionals in the medical world have already removed their names from the donor register. (!!!)

No time for farewell

Moreover, the process of saying goodbye to a loved one who is a donor is often very different from normal deaths. In the case of donors, family and friends can not be at the actual death, because that happens in the operating room. So they have to say goodbye to someone who lives and breathes, often in the midst of a hectic situation because the person involved just had a serious accident.

If the victim himself has not indicated that he or she would like to be an organ donor, in such a situation there is often put pressure onto the family to have the organs donated. While they are in shock and barely able to assess the situation themselves, they have to make a decision that often brings a great sense of guilt.
If after the operation they are allowed to see the deceased, the sight of an emptied body can be a traumatic experience. Many surviving relatives also complain that the aftercare for them from the hospital is hardly present at this point.
See further for more details
(Dutch) – The Dutch Foundation for the Remission of Organ Donation (SBO) acts against this concealed side of donorship and believes that donors need to be informed much better in advance about the consequences of their choice.
The website is also committed to this – (Dutch)
Before even an article on this subject appeared on  – (Dutch)
Becoming a donor or to cancel being donor can now be arranged online via your DigiD.
Below is a tv broadcast from Hart van Nederland, showing an interview with a traumatized survivor of an organ donor.

See original: “The shadow side of organ donation” – (Dutch)

How is it possible that nurses, doctors, neurologists, anesthetists, surgeons who perform the transplant and surgical assistants close their eyes to these signs of life?
Are we seeing a dying person more as an organ donor than as a dying human being? And how does one know when the person has actually died? There are, for example, enough testimonies of people who were declared (brain) dead, but have “come back” from the edge of death, and continued to live normally.

See some examples:

Telegraph (Wednesday October 17, 2012/ 11:56)
Coma-girl wakes up just in time
The Netherlands (AMSTERDAM) – The nightmare for everyone with a Codicil: Images of a 19-year-old girl who’s body was waiting to donate her organs but suddenly awoke.

Earlier I read a message (2011) that someone who was declared dead, with the stripping of the skin, awoke screaming! (JJB)

Baby wakes up from coma just in time:

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RTL News (May 30, 2015/ 11:15)

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(Dutch) – For more details see:

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Line heart rate monitor seen as the silver cord that, after death, only comes loose after 72 hours

The following has been taken over and edited. (JJB)

Source: “When is someone exactly dead?” – (Dutch)

“When is someone exactly dead?”

Nowadays it is very easy to distinguish medically when someone is dead and what caused his death.

There are three types of death: Clinical death, brain death and biological death.

Clinical death is the situation where breathing ceases, blood circulation is stopped and consciousness is lost.
In the past, a person in this situation was really dead to everyone. But by resuscitation someone can now be saved from this situation. This should not last too long, because after 3 minutes there can appear so much damage that it can never be repaired.

If the clinical death lasts too long, the damage is so great in the brain that it turns into biological death and life is ended.

Someone is brain dead when they no longer respond to pain stimuli

Such a person is still connected to an artificial respiration device. In this situation, the organs can still be used for transplantation. When it is then decided to stop the ventilation of someone who is brain dead, biological death will also occur. In this situation, the brain no longer works at all, not even the nerves that transmit pain. (1)

A declaration of death only occurs with the occurrence of biological death, in which the brain no longer works and pain is excluded. The minimum period between the drafting of such a statement by a coroner and the funeral (cremation or funeral) is 36 hours. For so long, no one has ever survived a clinical death, so there is absolutely no chance that the coroner makes a mistake and you are buried or cremated alive. A cremation will certainly not cause pain. (2)

Of course there are also lesser medical descriptions of death, such as “separation of body and soul”. But scientific evidence for the existence of the soul has not yet been found. (3)
A small explanation about the last 3 points:
(1 and 2) The silver cord is connected to the earthly body for three days, to be exactly 72 hours. Although the person, in all three cases, is declared dead, he is not really dead. This can only be seen spiritually.
(3) Biblically seen, the separation of soul and body is not perceptible by human being.

With a Christian, who has fulfilled the first obedience to God with the underwater baptism, the silver cord severs within one second immediately upon his death.

From small children aged up to and including 7, who die before time, their soul automatically detaches from their body within one second. These children do not see the Grim Reaper “The Death” coming to them.
The same also happens with children aged 7 to 12 years, who have been sanctified by their believing parents. At least, if one of the parents has fulfilled the first obedience to God with the underwater baptism.

If both parents have not fulfilled the underwater baptism, their children from the age of 8, in case of premature death, also await something that nobody knows. Because what does actually happen to the little one in the operating room? It’s all secret!

Brothers and sisters, after writing this part (Part 1), the Lord told me to put this immediately on the website! But just before that I experienced something that has to do with this report.

See the following:

– The white pigeon-
The cremation

Through a friend I got to know a Hindu elder man who was already 90 years old. During that conversation he received some insight and converted his heart. So it happened that I went to see him more than 30 times and every time he prayed the sinner’s prayer with me. We talked about Jesus for hours. He knew that Jesus had died on the cross for him. He therefore wanted very much to know more about Jesus.

Then some time later I met a friend of him (also Hindu) who had prayed the sinner’s prayer together with the old man. He said: “The old man is no more.”

Because of his physical condition it was not possible for him to perform the underwater baptism, unfortunately. Given his situation, I already knew he would not make it for long. The friend told me that the old man had died on a Tuesday at 11 AM and on Friday at noon they were to cremate his old friend, as is the custom with the Hindus.

But the friend said that something very peculiar happened at the open crematorium place, which he had never experienced before and had never heard of anyone before.
A part of the coffin was open so people could say goodbye.
The man said: “When we had finished praying, we wanted to take the body out of the coffin for the cremation, when suddenly a white pigeon arrived flying and came to sit at the head part of the coffin.”
The man said: “I have never seen a white pigeon in Surinam! Everyone looked at it. There were about 180 people present. We looked at it for a long time. It was a beautiful sight. Because the pigeon stayed there for a long time, we tried to chase the pigeon away, but it did not want to leave!
We were rather surprised about this and we discussed about what we should do. The pigeon stopped the cremation. Then we took a stick and chased the pigeon away. Only then could the cremation continue.

Normally we should have seen the pigeon fly away in a certain direction for a while, but the pigeon suddenly disappeared into nothingness during his flight! Everyone saw that and they talked about a miracle.”

When he told me all of this, I said that it was Jesus who stopped the cremation for a while, because the 72 hours, exactly three days after the death, were not over yet and the silver cord was still connected to the soul and the body. I have told him many details about this and that Christians should never burn their body.
(1 Cor.15:44) “…it is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body. If there is a natural body, there is also a spiritual body.”  – (This is the etheric body)
The Hindu friend of mine to whom I told this, was stunned. His reaction: “If that is the case, then I will tell everyone, otherwise they have to wait at least 72 hours!”

The special thing about all this was that at that very moment I was working on this report.

The dove is the only bird in which the devil can not transform himself. This bird has been considered sacred since time immemorial. Because probably no such big white pigeons exist in all of Surinam, it is no wonder that all the people there have looked at it with some astonishment. Because none of them had ever seen something so beautiful.


(Part 2)

Only from someone who has come to a living faith and because of that has experienced the Holy Spirit, his soul will at once separate from the body in the event of a sudden death.
This is the only case that this is possible, even before the underwater baptism has taken place.

The same rules apply for children up to and including 7 years old and also for children aged 7 to 12 who have been sanctified by their religious parents.

If someone comes to insight and faith, but however does not have the living faith, he does not fall under this protection given by the Holy Spirit. For there is an actual difference between someone who has come to living faith and someone who has come to understanding and conversion.

The first who came to living faith must recognize that without Jesus there is absolutely no chance to obtain eternal life. He also radiates that and is immediately a testimony for everyone. His prayers are very different and that brings him the Holy Spirit.

The second who came to undertanding and conversion knows that he is a sinner and has to recognize that without Jesus one can not inherit eternal life. He has become aware that he definitely has to continue with Jesus. If this newly born Christian fulfills the underwater baptism then the Holy Spirit will also make indwelling.

Everyone can determine for himself how he has gained insight and conversion with respect to another person. One is extremely enthousiastic and the other is somewhat reserved.

The danger of organ donation

When it comes to hygiene and space saving, many people see the benefits of being cremated, except for a few. “Now suppose there is life on the other side, I would have no body and I do not like to think about that. That’s why I prefer to be buried, because maybe another life will arise from that.”

When I met a nurse one day I told her some details about the Biochip and what the future would bring to people. She listened attentively and told me that she is recruiting people for Donorship. I was startled when I heard that. Immediately I took her aside and then told her how that Jesus thinks about it.

She told me that she had filled in the form with ‘Yes’. Immediately I told her what a terrible truth is hidden behind this gift. At first she was not so easy to convince with what I wanted to make clear to her. But, when I gave her this report, she became so frightened with what she read and what the Bible had to say about it, that she immediately undid it and changed the “Yes” into a “No”.
The whole report already indicates that there are very strict rules about it  in the Bible. These are spiritual details, which man has to take into account.

The leaflet says: “If you can save someone’s life, would you do that?” Of course you want that! And so you fill in ‘Yes’.

But, what are the consequences for a donor who is lying lifeless on the operating table?
This is something that is known only to a few of the thousands of Christians. The Holy Spirit can hardly give any information about this point, because the Christians in this End Times can scarcely perceive the call of the Holy Spirit.
(John 16:13) “But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth; for He will not speak on His own initiative, but whatever He hears, He will speak; and He will disclose to you what is to come.”

This is by no means given to worldly people and name Christians.

Only a true Christian of God who has died sees the Grim Reaper coming upon him. The Grim Reaper is a person, a skeleton from Hell, who represents ‘Death’ in a pale robe. He has a sickle in his right hand with which he, within one second at the death of a Christian, cuts through the silver cord of life. The soul is then no longer connected to the body.

The importance of underwater baptism

Immediately after a Christian has passed from this life to eternal life, or to the Intermediate Kingdom, or to the realm of death or hell, the silver cord shall be cut through in an indivisible moment, the same second after death has occurred. This is because of the spiritual law that is connected to water baptism. Only a Christian can see Grim Reaper with his death. A worldly person will not see him.

The following happens to a worldly person: When a person dies, the body cools down very slowly. The soul remains connected to that body. Only after three days the body has cooled down enough for the silver cord to sever automatically. This happens at all times only after 72 hours and definitely no later, even if the body is still warm.

But in countries where it can be extremely cold, for example in Siberia, the silver cord can sever automatically within 10 hours. That is because of the icy cold. Whoever has not fulfilled the underwater baptism, will experience the same as if he would be alive without clothes in the cold.

The etheric body
But even if that body was to be kept warm for a long period of time, for example due to heat, or automatically kept warm in the hospital, the silver cord will only sever after 72 hours. You can also call it the silver umbilical cord.

On the drawing you can clearly see that the silver cord is connected from the head of the earthly person to the head of the etheric body. The truth in this is that this connection is from heart to heart.

Now see some texts from the Bible that have to do with death and the silver cord.
(Hosea 6:2) “He will revive us after two days; He will raise us up on the third day, That we may live before Him.”
Too often Jesus has made known to people through (John 16:13) the following:

Jesus: “Opening a corpse may only take place THREE DAYS after death has occurred – the life fibrils have not yet been cut.”

(Ecclesiastes 12:1-2) “Then remember your creator in your youth years, before the evil days come and the years draw near, of which you say: I have no pleasure in that, before the sun is darkened like the light and the moon and the stars…”

What this actually says has to do with what will happen in the future, namely autopsy; breaking the body open within three days.

See what Jesus said about Lazarus: “Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep; but I go, so that I may awaken him out of sleep.”  (John 11:11-13)

See also the daughter of Jairus: “She did not die, but she was asleep.”  (Luke 8:52)

The silver Cord
(Ecclesiastes 12:6-7) “Remember Him before the silver cord is broken and the golden bowl is crushed… and the spirit will return to God who gave it.”
The silver cord for the Jews refers to both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

If a Jew or an anointed of the Lord dies, then the silver cord is cut through by the Grim Reaper with the sickle within one second. This only applies to those who have fulfilled the Abrahamic covenant. From that moment on, this fact will continue for the Jews to exist until the end of the 1000-year Kingdom of Peace.

The New Testament
Jesus, after three days, rose from the dead.

After three days, thus a few minutes before the silver cord would come loose, Jesus has risen in that same body. Had that not been the case, the disciples would not have been able to touch Jesus. Because if the silver cord would have been broken, Jesus would not have been seen, for after all, the etheric body is invisible to the human eye.

Only Jesus was capable to experience that He was able to use His body again after three days to show the people that He actually rose from the dead. He needed that body to be able to communicate with His disciples and others.

Demons in a donor Body
The body can also be possessed by many demons who want to keep living in that warm body. However, once the body is cold, they have to leave it.
But if within 72 hours the body is stripped of all vital parts, those possible demons who have started their devastating work, will also go along with those parts.

These mysteries can only be seen and understood spiritually because it can not possibly be perceived by an unspiritual person.

A violent spirit
Of all the animals in the field, birds, fishes and insects with blood, the silver cord automatically comes loose when they die. Human beings however are an exeption!
Why is that? In case of a very strong violent spirit, the Angels have three days to bind this etheric body, the soul, with chains. They have exactly 72 hours to do so.

Because such a devilish spirit is still completely defenseless as long as it remains connected to the earthly body. In case the silver cord would come loose at once at his death, then such a spirit could no longer be captured for eternity.

A murderer has to appear in front of the Judge Angel. Because only murderers come before the Judges at all times. This murderer, a corrupted spirit, is tied up and accompanied and guarded by two Angels of Michael. All others, equally bad, who have committed no murder, go directly to the place where they will stay forever.

Thus there is a Kingdom of Death, a Hell and the Hades. Difference of Hell and Hades is that Hell is a lake of fire with moving living cells in which the devilish spirit is tormented. The Hades is a place in Hell where demonic spirits are locked up in a cage with fire.

In the night from Wednesday to Thursday (July 19 – July 20, 2017) the Lord gave me the following, which had to be added to this report:
Those who also have to come to Court are the parents or parent who has had performed one or more abortions. Because that too is a very serious form of murder in the mothers womb.
All doctors and nurses who have contributed to this must also come to this Court.

In other words, whoever has committed a murder or is responsable of the death of a person by his or her actions, must at all times appear before the Court, even if this would have happened unconsciously.

A Donor body

Doctors who dismantle the body of a human being, and therefore also the heart, must also appear before the Court. After all, a donor body (a supposed corpse) eventually died on the operating table through their hands, despite the fact that the Donor body itself already had been declared dead by the Doctors. This can only be seen spiritually.

A Godly warning

From a small book ‘What happens when you die?’ from Evangelist J.S.Vlietstra, I have taken the following: First of all, we (Family Vlietstra) now display a revelation that a very good friend of ours received from the Lord on November 11th and 12th, 1967. She wrote:

“I dreamed that at low tide a small boat was entering the harbor. Inside was a R.C. Priest, who held a dead young woman in his arms. He showed me that she really did not live anymore.”
(The R.C. Priest probably indicates the ecclesiastical guidance of the human soul after death)
Arrived at certain place, her wedding rings where taken from her roughly. She was wearing two – one on each hand. Only I saw how this already hurt her.
Then ‘someone’ put his finger into an open hole in her head. Apparently the woman died from this head injury. People thought: “She does not feel it any more.”

“Then the woman gave an incredibly inhuman sound. I knew that nobody actually heard it, but I heard it. After all, she was ‘dead’ and no longer had the opportunity to use her voice.”

“It was a very anxious dream. So much so that I got up, turned on the lights and kept praying: Lord, what is this: What is this woman calling when she can not actually produce sound because she is ‘dead’? What do you want to demonstrate with this?”

In the morning I wrote down the following:

“Opening of a corpse may only take place
three days
after death has occurred

because the life fibrils have not yet been cut.

Indescribable suffering is caused,
while there is no longer any possibility

of expressing it through the body.”

– Far-reaching consequences –

In all cases of heart transplantation it is necessary to intervene on a very short term, if you want to have at least a chance of success.

But with a warm body the life fibrils are still connected to the vibrations of the body. The unity of spirit, soul and body therefore still exists, even though with the understanding that the body is so to say switched off in such a way that no reaction can be expressed outwardly by this body.

Realistically displayed, you may find it more understandable seeing it  as follows.

Imagine: You are mortally injured or very ill. You have made your heart available for transplantation. You die. A short time later on the operating table they cut through the sternum, they open your chest and cut through the heart pocket. Then your body is connected to a heart-lung machine. The machine performs heart and lung functions to keep the heart ‘alive’ and at the same time ensures a correct temperature drop.

Surgeons then cut the heart loose and remove all vital parts from that body. And perhaps your battered body (which is still connected with spirit and soul) will be given a day later to the scorching fire of the Crematorium, because you had agreed to it. You can believe it or not, but you consciously experience all this as real as if you were still leading your earthly life.

In this picture, the doctor probably wants to take out a bullet from the right side of a soldier. But… that could also be something else. In the past there was no anesthesia available. Now see the reaction of the man.  His right arm must be held, because he is perishing from pain!
Now, if a human being feels already so much pain in life with such a little action, how should it be when all vital parts are removed from your body one by one, without anesthetic?

Therefore the following: “Opening of a corpse may only be done THREE DAYS after death has occurred. [An indescribable suffering is thus avoided, while there is no longer any possibility to express this in the body.] The life-fibrils are not yet cut.”

An organ donor is tied up for the operation
While the organ donor usually does not receive an anesthetic, because he/she is dead, the body however responds with reflexes to the operation. Tying up is then the solution.

Your etheric body, which is the soul, sees from above everything that the surgeons do with you. You experience terrible pains, you scream and cry, but nobody hears you. You can not make anything known anymore through the body.

In the coffin you will hear the speeches of your family members. People regret your departure. Perhaps the pastor will still have a funeral service and then you will be put into the fire of the Crematorium.
And nobody realizes what actually happens to you and what you are undergoing. With an ethereal body you can not make it clear to anyone!
(All this can be perceived within 72 hours after death. Because once the silver cord is broken, the organ donor feels nothing anymore.)

Besides removal of all body parts, all sections that are performed for the purpose of Government research are also included. For all these things also count: “Opening of a corpse may only take place three days after death has occurred.”

In (1 Cor.3:16-20) we are reminded of the consequences if we do not abide by such a warning.

“Do you not know that you are a temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? [17] If any man destroys the temple of God, God will destroy him, for the temple of God is holy, and that is what you are.”

Jan Zeldenrust
(Translated: Seldomrest) was ‘Netherlands’ most famous pathologist for decades.
(Groningen, April 5, 1907 – The Hague, June 5, 1990)

A very appropriate name for someone who will not find peace for eternity. This man has opened, beforetime (within three days), thousands and thousands of bodies of people who died, without anesthesia, with knives, chisel and hammer. I am sure that there have been Christians who have warned him to take into account what Jesus has made clear about this subject in (1 Cor.3:16-20).

Organ donation

The donor is kept alive for 24 hours before the body is being demolished. In the meantime, it is checked who is in need of parts. The dismantling of the donor body will only start after the needed people are present.

I spoke with many Christians about this subject. Half of them were opposed and the other half in favor. They then say: “Where does it say in the Bible that you can only open the body after three days or that the body must remain undisturbed during that time? If it is not in the Bible, then I do not see why I should not do it. My body saves and helps other people to extend their lives.”  Many of these Christians are unaware of this mystery hidden in Ecclesiastes 12:6-7.

(Ecclesiastes 12:6-7) “Before the silver cord is loosened and the golden lamp is broken… and the spirit returns to God who has given it to him.”
It is indeed in the Bible. But then they say: “Where are those three days?”
(Hosea 6:2) “He will revive us after two days; He will raise us up on the third day, That we may live before Him.”  (These are the three days)
(John 16:13) Jesus: “Opening of a corpse may only take place THREE DAYS after death has occurred – the life fibrils have not yet been cut.”

But also with these texts many Christians do not understand it. They do not believe it anyway.

Which parts can actually be removed from the body?
A pancreas, blood vessels, bone tissue, cartilage and tendons, heart, heart valves, corneas (eye), skin, liver, lungs and kidneys.

It is kindly requested in the letter and also kindly filled in with ‘yes’ because of your sympathy. But what the deceased actually experiences is not heard nor seen.

Should we refuse a doctor’s help? First fill in ‘no’ and then take it anyway?

There were already advices to help only those who, for the benefit of others, have a codicil in their pocket. If there is a deliberate opposition, the organ, which could have saved the persons life, would go to another, who had agreed to the value of the codicil.

Here lies HENK (or a bit of it)
This is where Joop van Driel rests
He had a Codicil (I feel a bit empty inside…)
Many people are making fun of each other. But you should realise that at any time within 72 hours, when your donor body will be totally opened that you, without anesthesia, will still feel everything as if you are still fully alive.
Anyone who cooperates with the donor codicil will have to carry the consequences with him for eternity. The eyes will also be taken out and the skin will be stripped!

After death, the soul is still connected to the perceptible nervous body system for 72 hours.


All texts are from the New American Standard Bible (NASB)

and completed by prophecies according to (John 16:13)

The silver Cord

(DZG// Friday November 9, 2018/ 23:52)

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An organ donor can save 8 lives
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