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“Unfortunately I can not save everyone”
This concerns the Mark [666]
Update (Feb 13, 2024)
Second Coming Jesus Before April 20, 2025
– Rapture Zone –
(Twice a Rapture! – April 16 and 19, 2025)
Easter April 20, 2025
2022/2023/2024? Wrong!
Rapture Expected in April 2025
(Times Adjusted)


Eternal prison 1000ths or billions of years
Man has so ever so eternal life, whether in Heaven, Paradise or in Hell, Hades. If a person has actually behaved outrageously bad on earth, he will go to Hell and will have to stay there for 1000ths of earth years and perhaps much longer. But… if the same person goes for the Mark 666, then we are no longer talking about 1000ths of years, but about billions of years!

Jesus: “It would have been better for such a person if he had never been born.”

Held off the Mark 666
Brothers and sisters, what you are about to read may not be understood by everyone. The Lord Jesus wants as much as possible to keep the Mark 666 away from the people. The Lord Jesus wants to protect the elderly and the weak from this terrible Code 666. That is why the Lord first let the Coronavirus blow over the world, which will then be followed by the Sting virus. From Sept 2024, even more horrors will take place. In this way the Lord wants to keep billions of people off from the eternal prison of billions of years.

Now see how the Lord is going to do that!

Armageddon – Atomic Fire
Jesus: “With the war great natural disasters are proclaimed that will come upon the earth. They will kill one-fourth of the world’s population.”
All this is going to happen before the Mark [666] becomes mandatory.
Now see the sequence:
Corona- and the Sting virus: “(…) These judgments are part of My grace. (…) Most of them are My people, so that they will not see the Beast.”

With the Corona and the Sting virus, the Lord removes already many weak and elderly people from the earth, so that they will not see the Beast (false Prophet). But… there will be more horrors to follow.

Selvaraj explains how the age of the elderly is shortened

See: Age of the elderly shortened prematurely!
Best: Short version – YouTube (20:15)
In the End Times the lives of many elderly worldwide will be shortened!
This has already started for everyone and even more for those who are ±50 years and older.

Brothers and sisters, see the video first before the following could be misunderstood, because we are already at the end of the first 3,5 years of the Last Week of Daniel!

The elderly and the weak and the Mark [666]
After watching this video, the Lord showed me the Sign/Logo Mark 666. In other words this is the Mark no.666! (Rev.13:15-18)
See and hear(!) the way in which God the Father wants to protect the elderly and the weak from this terrible no.666.! Because… whoever chooses the Mark 666 however, is trapped in Hell for billions of years, because you do not know when Satan will be able to reason.
Jesus: “One day Satan (Lucifer) will come to understanding and repentance and then everything will be as before.”
But… how many billions of years could that take? That is why the Lord first let the Coronavirus pandemic come over the world, which will be followed by the Sting virus!
The Lord wants to protect the elderly and many others.
Jesus: “These judgments are part of My grace.”
Few will be able to understand this.

So much for this hard truth. Who can understand this, let him accept it.

144,000 – Death of 1/4 World Population – (Sara Ayin)
That would be 2 Billion!?

The Sting virus Horror
350-500 Million Deaths in 3 to 4 days!
(Sting virus from Sept 2, 2024)
These judgments are part of My grace

Ooh…brothers and sisters, how many Christians do not understand this grace. There are so many! But if I explain it, they will understand. If life is not achieved, then rather a few hundredths or 1000ths of years in prison. But… with the no.666 it will be many billions(!) of years. That is an unbelievably big difference! It is impossible to estimate how many billions of years it will take Satan before he comes to understanding and conversion. Only then can people leave this prison.

So just to clarify:
Jesus, want as much as possible to save people from this terrible no.666.!
The Lord has thus already managed to keep 5.4 million people from the number 666 with the Corona deaths. Add to that, the 350-500 million Sting virus deaths. Then we have the 3rd World War, the Asteroid, the 4th World War and the three dark days with 2.3 billion(!) deaths. Then the Great Earthquake, the Great Tsunami and finally the Black Horse! The rider on the black horse will kill another 100s of millions from April 2025. With the 1st and 2nd Rapture, the Lord has already been able to remove a little more than one billion people from the earth.
Of the ±8 billion people now on February 2024, ±2,5 Billion will remain in april 2025!
[666] Satan will torture them!
This torture will start from April 2025!
Then the rider of the pale horse enters into action. Many would not be able to bear the torture and would still choose for the number 666 because of the pain threshold and that is precisely what the Lord wants to prevent with an untimely death. Ooh… brothers and sisters, this is what Jesus means by grace!
Jesus: “These judgments are part of My grace!”
Waging War Against the Saints
Look at what Jesus said to Zipora Bitrus about this:
Jesus: “You could not withstand the great tribulation. That is why you have to be there with the Rapture.”
Brothers and sisters, do you have any idea what Jesus actually said here? Satan, the Dragon, will not just let the Christians go. He will have them tortured!
There is a pain threshold. Zipora would not make it… and to get rid of that torture and pain, she would go for this Mark/Logo [666] anyway. For this is what Jesus is really saying here!
Many Christians (99.9%!) are wrong when it comes to Armageddon. They will not be able to make it because the torture pressure to accept the No.666 is too great!
(Rev 13:7) “En hem werd gegeven om tegen de heiligen oorlog te voeren en hen te overwinnen; en hem werd macht gegeven over elke stam en natie en taal en volk.”
[666] The Mark of Death
What the Mark Really Does
With the no.666 burned into the right hand or forehead with a Laser, death is a fact. This Sign/Logo (666) is deadly! It instantly kills the conscience of man. At that moment, that person undergoes an immediate spiritual change! His behavior and mood turns him/her into an emotionless being and that is what Jesus wants to prevent anyhow, but:
Jesus: “Unfortunately, I cannot save everyone.”
See sequence of events:
Up to 2x a Great Wind from China!
These first two are judgments of God.
1)_First there is the Corona virus Covid-19 (Total already 18,4 million deaths)
2)_The Sting virus will kill about 350 to ±500 million people! (Maybe 2 Billion)
_-_This horror virus will spread all over the world from China.
_-_This Sting virus is expected on Sept 5, 2024.
Cause and effect
3)_World War III – (Conventional -common- weapons)
_-_Many tens of millions of people will die.
4)_With the impact of the Asteroid, ±100 million people are killed.
5)_The Fourth World War – (Atomic Fire -Nuclear- or Nuclear Weapons)
_-_Weapons make the difference between the 3rd and the 4th World War.
_-_These two wars kill another ±200 million people.
_-_The 3rd and the 4th W.W. are so close together that it is seen as one war.
The 1st Rapture
6)_The 1st Rapture –  (April 16, 2025)
_-_About 720 million people will be taken up.
_-_(The Bride and the 1st group of Wedding Guests)
_-_This is also the first day of the 3 days of total darkness.
Hell opens for three days! – (See details below!)
7)_The three days of darkness ±2,3 Billion Deaths!
_-_Three Days of Darkness of death and destruction.
_-_That will happen between 16 and 19 April 2025.
The 2nd Rapture
8)_The 2nd Rapture – (April 19, 2025)
_-_About 300 million people will be taken up. (2nd group of wedding guests)
_-_At the same time, this is also the end of the 3 days of darkness.
The last 2 possibilities to keep off the number 666 
9)Earthquake – The worst earthquake ever worldwide!
Three days after the total darkness comes the Great Earthquake and immediately after that a Tsunami from 200 to 300 meters high, or even higher!
10)_Tsunami worldwide – (637 million people live at sea level!)

With these 10 horrors there are not so many people left on earth.

The End Time
The last 42 days before Armageddon
From Sept 5, 2024 – Revelation False Prophet
From Sept 2, 2024 – The Sting virus – (Total 3-4 days)
From Sept 5, 2024 – The Great Revival – (Total 150 days)
The First 67 Days in the Valley of Armageddon
From Feb 5, 2025 – Revelation Antichrist
From February 5, 2025 and further until Sept 2025 the Sign/Logo [666]
Dates approximately calculated
Only the 3rd and 4th World Wars and that of the Asteroid can differ in time.
The time difference could be about 5 to 7 days.
From Feb 5, 2025 – Third World War
From March 2025 – Asteroid Impact
From March 2025 – Fourth World War
From April 13, 2025 – The three days of Jonah
From April 16The 1st Rapture.
Three days of Darkness of death and destruction.
That will happen between April 16 and 19, 2025.
From April 19The 2nd Rapture.

(From Feb 5 to April 16, 2025) = Total 70 days!

ALOIS IRLMAIER (1894-1959)
Said by Irlmaier to various people during World War II:
During World War 3 [must be 4th W.W.] comes the Great Darkness that lasts 72 hours. Darkness will come some day during this war. At the same time, Irlmaier sees a large red cross in the sky (whereby everyone is shouting that God exists) and a hail storm breaks loose with hail and thunder, and an earthquake shakes the earth. At that time, the 1st Rapture will take place on April 16, 2025.
Whoever inhales the dust during these three Dark Days gets cramps and dies.
The Third and Fourth World War

Alois Irlmaier says that World War III will last three days or three weeks and at most three months. But… what he has not seen is that World War III will be interrupted by the impact of the Asteroid in the Atlantic Ocean. In fact, it is only because of this that he sees the length of World War III which is in fact already World War IV, a Nuclear War that will be concluded by the three days of Jonah! (Three days of Auroras around the world)

Voices of the Seven Thunders
1)_The false Prophet – (Antichrist) Rises – (5 Sept.2024)
2)_The Great Revival – (From Sept 5, 2024 to Feb 2, 2025)
2)_(End Feb 2025) The first human with the Mark/Logo [666]
–._(The Code 666 is voluntary first, then mandatory!)
3)_The first day of “The Third World War” – (Conventional -common- weapons)
4)_2x an Asteroid hits, therefore the two weeks break.*
5)_The first day of “The Fourth World War” – (Nuclear Weapons)**
6)_The 1st Rapture – (April 16, 2025) This is the first day of the 3 Days of Darkness.
__ (Three Days of Darkness of Death and Destruction will occur between April 16 and 19, 2025.)
7)_The 2nd Rapture – (April 19, 2025) Simultaneously with the end of the 3 Days of Darkness.
*) The Lord gave this to me on Jan 28, 2020 at 9:50 P.M.
(This only concerns the Asteroid. From March 2025 is a conjecture)
(The first Asteroid will hit the Atlantic Ocean, the second will hit Mecca)

**) Weapons make the difference between the 3rd and the 4th World War.

Sixth Thunderclap (1st Rapture on April 16, 2025)
Last second of the three days of Auroras of Jonah.

First minute of three days of total Darkness.

The three days of darkness
2,3 Billion Deaths in 3 days!
Three days of darkness – Thursday, Friday, Saturday
The following is a collection of Prophecies about the coming three days of darkness.
(Maurce Sklar/ Louise Starr Tomkiel / Marie-Julie Jahenny/ Mark Chen / Sister Bonnie)
(Pastor Elvi Zapata/ Alois Irlmayer/ La Salette/ Anna Henle/ Anna Maria Taigi)
These Prophets all say that the three days of darkness will take place during spring!
That is possible, because the Rapture is expected before April 20, 2025.

(European Season – Spring 2025: From March 20 to June 20)

Many Christians who study the End-Time Prophecies have crossed at least once the coming “Three days of total darkness.”
Reading the Prophecy can inspire fear, especially if someone is not prepared. Many prophets have sketched their visions through the ages. Among the scariest of them is Marie Julie Jahenny’s.

Marie-Julie Jahenny a French mystic who lived from 1850 to 1941 (age 91)

(January 4, 1884) Marie-Julie announced the three days of darkness during which the infernal powers are released from the Pit of the abyss to kill all the people they encounter on Earth. “The crisis will explode suddenly, the punishments will be shared by everyone and will follow each other without interruption…”
The three days of darkness… will take place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. (On Sunday April 20, 2025 it is Easter!
The night before the three days of darkness there will be a tremendous natural upheaval.
It will be a night of bitterly cold temperatures.

There will be lightning and thunder, so violent that many people will think the end of the world has arrived. There will be earthquakes and devastating storms.

Within one minute everything will be pitch dark
The beginning of the three days of darkness
First there are the three days (Auroras) of Jonah and only then the three days of darkness.
The day starts like any other day. The sun is rising and everything seems fine. Then suddenly, around mid-morning in the US, the sunlight begins to diminish quickly. It will seem strange because it will initially not be like clouds, but rather like a “steel disc” covering the sun or a sudden eclipse.

(This shows that Marie-Julie Jahenny did see the three days of darkness, but not the three days of Jonah.)

Then, almost just as fast, the whole Earth seemed to be swallowed up within the thickest black darkness I’d ever seen. It was like a black hole in the universe. The rest of the universe looked like light.

Pitch Dark

Darkness will set in very quickly and within one minute everything will be pitch dark. All light from artificial sources will be extinguished. It will be impossible to see your hand in front of your face. The darkness will be so intense that it will actually be “felt”. People will be forced to stay where they are. Cars and transport vehicles will lose all power. Airplanes will fall from the sky. There will be no more electricity.

Shortly after darkness falls, there will be a violent thunder and flashes of lightning like never seen or heard before. Many will die of terror and others will cry for the protection of hills and mountains. This thunder can be compared to the voice of God [the Father] and all people will know it.

After darkness covers the Earth, the sky will fill with pestilence. The gates of Hell will be opened and many billions of demons come up from the abyss. They will fill the air with their terrible screams. These demons will be allowed to roam the Earth during the three days of darkness, killing anyone they encounter and dragging many of them to Hell. Therefore, when that time comes, stay indoors!

Only those who belong to Jesus go on to heaven.

Cause and effect
Jesus, had descended for three days after His death and was able to take people out of the realm of the Dead (Hell), whoever He wanted and… the devils are going to do that too! But then they strike everyone with death, both the good and the bad people whoever are outside their house.
The realm of the Dead (1 Peter 3:19“By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison…”
(Eph 4:7-8) “But unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ. [8] Wherefore he saith, When he ascended up on high, He took prisoners of war with Him…”
These prisoners of war have eternal life!
(See Moses with the Ten Commandments)

Text: New American Standard Bible (NASB) and the King James Bible

and completed by prophecies according to (John 16:13)

Jesus: “Unfortunately I can not save everyone.”

(DZG// Wednesday Dec 15, 2021/ 16:53) – (Update: Feb 13, 2024)

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