Death and Great Funerals

(A Great Wave of Death)
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Big Funerals
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PREPARE For The Next Pandemic!

– The Sting virus –

Sting virus still before Armageddon
Jesus: “As soon as people think they have found a vaccine that could stop the Coronavirus, the Sting virus will break out!”

(No other name is yet known for this Sting virus)

Julie Green Prophecy: (Jan 31, 2023) YouTube (0:00 / 1:35-9:00 / 43:18)

[GREAT FUNERALS] There Is A Wave of D.E.A.T.H Coming

Julie Green: “This Prophetic word came to me when we were in Florida with my team. We were just getting into a prayer time when the Lord gave me this prophecy. Sometimes you want to hear Prophetic words because they are good news and sometimes you hear words that are hard to explain.”
Jesus: “A warning of what is to come.”
First and foremost, what Jesus talks about here is something He keeps repeating: “Don’t be afraid.”  – (Do not fear)

As I read this Prophetic word, it is a warning, but it is not to frighten you. It is to prepare you for what is to come. Do not be afraid, for that is what Satan wants. He wants you to get scared. Satan wants you to take your attention away from Jesus so that you are not focused on what Jesus is actually saying.

Here is the Prophetic word:
Jesus: My children, prepare. Not only will you see My glory and Revival, but you will also see things I have never done for humanity before. You will see a Great Death and you must be prepared for it. A Death is coming! It is an unparalleled wave of death.
(This only takes 3 days. The Lord is talking about the Sting virus here!)
Many Churches too small for the Great Revival
Jesus: I need My Church to prepare and build your faith and be ready for when people come to you, because the world is getting so bad and dark. The world will look different. But the light of My Church will be magnified and My love will be magnified thereby. I will shine My light through you in the midst of this death, in the midst of all evil. My goodness, My blessing and the life I have will be poured out even more, because My grace is sufficient for you. That will be the hour when many people will flock to your Churches… and these (Churches) will not be big enough.
Prepare for that moment (Sting virus), because everywhere in the news there will be many deaths. At the same time I will raise up people who will do My will and be used by Me for more miracles.
What the Great Revival will bring
Limbs will grow, the blind will see. Deaf ears open and people in wheelchairs no longer have to remain in them. Prepare for that.
End of the False Prophet Feb 2, 2025
Jesus: “There will be a Great Revival of short duration.”
Unfortunately only for 150 days.
See details: Twice a Rapture
The waiting for the false Prophet is becoming very long now. But this is how it is. It is now only an issue of a few days before he will reveal himself, because the time is already up.

See End Time Calendar!

The Earth in imbalance

Stand strong spiritually, for some people’s hearts will fail them at what is about to take place on this earth. (They won’t be able to bear it) Now, this is not something to be afraid of. Remember this, there is nothing to fear, for I am here and I will always be. In this End Time, the ground will shake, the earth will tremble. The weather will take extreme forms. The Economies will fail and the Markets (Stock Exchanges) will crash everywhere. (This is expected in the month of Feb 2025)

First great harvest of souls
This is how I bring in My Kingdom from a man made wicked system. Remember this is only temporary. (Sting virus only 3 days) This is only to reap the (First*) great harvest of souls.

(This is truly a very dramatic event, but there is no other way.)

Be prepared
I told you to be prepared for the financial turnaround. (Stock Market Crash) Be prepared for the Wealth Transfer.(**) Invoke all that I have given in your heart. Do not limit Me, I will say it again, for what I have for you is limitless.
That is why I must prepare your hearts now and I must warn you of what you are about to see. So stay with Me and you will be happy. You will laugh while so many people are sad. I bring you this unprecedented joy (Great Revival), because you must hear things and see things that most people would not be able to bear.
**) Be prepared for the Wealth Transfer:

Worldwide all Bank balances and assets of people will be expropriated.

Many Monsters in the End-Time
This is the Church I have chosen for this time. This is My Body that I need for this time. So be prepared when there is death. Life will be even greater.
Whatever your enemy does, regardless of the mob, no matter how bad; I am Greater than he and the world will know. Your enemies will know that I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I am the God who delivered My people from the clutches of a Monster (Pharaoh). I see today’s Monsters. There are many. I will deal with them in the same way I dealt with that Pharaoh. So do not be afraid of what they will do. But be prepared for all those families that will have to deal with grief.

I need you to come to Me so that you can show Me to the world. The world needs My children. The people of the world used to turn away from you. They laughed at you. But in the midst of this they will turn to you and they will come to My Churches. So My children, be prepared for what you are going to hear, what you are going to see and what you are going to experience.

See: Land of Goshen

Goshen – A Land of Peace
Land of Peace
You will be like My Goshen. These signs WILL not harm you. These things will not affect you. But you will still have to pray. Spend time with me. Cherish My glory, cherish and receive it in abundance. I will do mighty works for you that you never thought possible. My children will raise people from the dead in unprecedented numbers.

See Details: Land of Goshen (Goshen is a land of peace and has a supernatural provision from God the Father that promises His people prosperity in the midst of crisis.)

Jesus: “The Year 2023 is actually 2020”
So this day in this year at this time. Think of 2023. Remember this, 2023 is 2020. Yes, 2020.! Free everything that has held you back. Everything that tormented, everything that tortured, every prison cell, every chain, remember this, become free! Say it, declare it, decide it every day. Freedom is yours. Freedom is now, saith the Lord.

(End of this Prophecy)

Sting virus from Sept 2 to 5, 2024
The Great Revival (150 days)
From Sept 5, 2024 to Feb 2, 2025
The two Judgments of God
The Coronavirus and the Sting virus. The Coronavirus is highly contagious and started in Dec.2019 and comes from China. The Sting virus also comes from China, but is different from the Coronavirus. The Coronavirus is still spreading from person to person. But… the Sting virus comes to all places and Islands and there where the Coronavirus cannot reach. The Sting virus floats through the air and goes all over the world!

Get ready, because what is coming is truly terrible.

The 8th and 9th Trumpet
Behold, when the Judgments shall come upon men!
These are the first(!) 2 Judgments that will take place before the Great Revival.*
1)_The 8th Trompet – Coronavirus (Dec 2019 to Sept 5, 2024)
2)_The 9th Trompet – Sting virus (Three days from Sept 2 to 5, 2024)
The Sting virus will last exactly 3 days. (72 Hours)

*) (Rev 5/8/16) All 7 Seals, the 7 Trumpets (plus 2) and the 7 Bowls must be seen alternately and partly in reverse(!) order. It’s all mixed up. There is no order!

The End Time
Jesus: “Because of the very serious sins, I have added 2 more Judgments.”
The Lord gave me this on Saturday March 7, 2020 at 12:48 p.m.
Two additional Judgments 8 and 9

These are the Judgments of God for the very stubborn people who just do not want to come to insight and repentance and… there is much more to come! The 7 Seals, the 7 Trumpets and the 7 Bowls. But, because of the seriousness of the sins, the Lord has added two extra Judgments 8 and 9 to the 7 Trumpets.

Jesus: “No one expects the War that is coming!”
(This War concerns the Sting virus)

The 4th woe
The 8th Trumpet is the Coronavirus and the 9th Trumpet is the Sting virus and are linked to the seven Trumpets and… only the Sting virus belongs to the 4th woe!
It is almost certain that these two Judgments concern the Corona and the Sting virus.

All this has yet to happen before the Great Revival begins on Sept 15, 2023.

The 2nd pandemic is one of Fire
Jesus: “This [Corona-] virus is nothing compared to what I am going to send into the world.”
The Lord is talking about the Sting virus here!
Initially I had calculated: Number of deaths between 200 to ±350 million?
But the Lord clearly instructed me to read Sara Ayin’s Prophecy again.!
See part of Prophecy of Sara Ayin
Jesus: “With the War, great natural disasters are being proclaimed that will come upon the earth. These Judgments are part of My grace. They will kill one-fourth* of the world’s population. Most of them are My people, so that they will not see the Beast. So be ready to meet your Maker in a moment.”
This will still take place before the Great Revival!
So far this part. 
*) The Lord is talking about one-fourth of the world’s population.
With 8 Billion people (December 2023) I come to two Billion!
Jesus: “Most of them are My people…”  – (That makes ±1,3 Billion Christians)

The death toll of 2 Billion is a Prophecy given to Sara Ayin. That it could all happen exactly like this in 3 days is hard to believe. But still, it will be terrible!

The Fourth Seal: “Death”
(Rev.6:7-8)And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see. [8] And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.”
They will kill one-fourth of the world’s population. This concerns Armageddon, but the Sting virus will take place even before the false Prophet will rise on Sept 5, 2024!

(Beginning and end of Armageddon from Feb 5, 2024 to Sept 5, 2025)

Sting virus from 2 to Sept 5, 2024
See the correct order:
Corona- and the Sting virus: “(…) These Judgments are part of My grace. (…) Most of them are My people, so they will not see the Beast.”

With the Corona and the Sting virus, the Lord removes many weak and elderly people ahead of time. It will be a large group so that they will not see the Beast (False Prophet).

(Vision) Brothers and sisters, see the Prophecy that Jesus passed on to Sara Ayin!
Jesus: “No one expects the War that is coming!”
(This War is the Sting virus) You can generally see in time when a War is coming, but you can not see this one.
Sting virus

Jesus: “The coming War will be devastating!” So it is imperative that you come to Me now, because you may run out of time when [The Sting virus] breaks out and you are overcome with fear.”  – The Lord is clearly talking about the Sting virus here!

Worse than Corona is coming
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– Start Sting virus –
Expected from Sept 2 to 5, 2024
The 2 Judgments of God
Jesus: “Nobody expects the War that is coming!”
(Coronavirus?) Oh… brothers and sisters, it gets 1000x worse!
The Sting virus will break out from China.
According to the vision Five Tickets 1900, the Sting virus could break out from China in September. Be prepared, because this Horror virus, driven by the wind, can arrive in Europe after 5 to 6(?) hours!
The 1st Judgment of God was that of the Coronavirus. (From Dec 2019 to Sept 5, 2024)
The 2nd Judgment concerns the Sting virus and is expected from September 2 to 5, 2024.
The Great Revival will start from September 5, 2024 to February 2, 2025. (150 days)
Jesus: “A Large wind will blow twice.”

(The Coronaand the Sting virus.)

Another worse than Coronavirus
is going to come
When it comes, it will make this
Coronavirus look like child’s play
Corona 8 million dead – Sting virus 2 Billion!
(2023) In total ±19.3 million corona-related deaths
(August 6, 2020) Great wind (Sting virus)YouTube (3:35 /14:49)

The Sting virus is coming!
Brothers and sisters, this terrible virus is the Sting virus!
This is the second great wind, the virus that Jesus spoke of.
(The 1st wind Coronavirus and the 2nd wind Sting virus)
Advice: Close the windows and doors and stay at home for 3 days!
The 1st and also the 2nd wind from China!
The Sting virus comes where the Coronavirus could not reach. This terrible virus multiplies in the air and is also moved by the wind. Because of its speed, it will most likely cross the globe from China in a matter of hours.
(Expected within 5 to 6 hours(!) in the Netherlands, North America (USA) and Canada.)
The end of the 1st and 2nd Great Wind (Pandemic) will be the moment when the Great Revival begins! The false Prophet must by then already be known.

It will still be another five months before Armageddon starts on February 5, 2025!

Ooh… brothers and sisters, listen to this video!
PREPARE For The Next Pandemic!
Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj – YouTube (4:47)
On Feb 20, 2020 it happened that Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj was called into heaven by Jesus with the announcement that God the Father had a message for the people on earth.
God the Father to Selvaraj:
“Another Great wind will blow all over the world!”

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj: And when the Lord had spoken the word ‘wind’, it was important for me to know: “Another Great wind, worse than the Coronavirus Pandemic, will blow over the world.”

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj – YouTube (3:35 – 12:52)
Sting virus of Death
A Massive Invisible Deadly Invasion
The Sting virus Horror
Two Billion Deaths(?) in 3 to 4 days
Sting virus expected from Sept 2 to 5, 2024

Text: New American Standard Bible (NASB) and the King James Bible1)

and completed by prophecies according to (John 16:13)

Death and Great Funerals

(DZG2015// Tuesday August 22, 2023) – (Update: December 1, 2023)

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