Olav Rogde vision 1952

“The return of Jesus”

(The first hours after the Rapture!)

The Rapture

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Bergen (Norway)
A report from Olav Rogde recorded on December 11th, 1952.

Olav Rogde, was already 79 years old!

This report concerns the Rapture. The taking of grown up Christians is easy to see. However, this report is mainly about little children and babies from all over the world who will be included as well. These are children of innocence (0 until 7 years old) and by all means they have life, whether they have Christian parents or not.

Because I was allowed in a vision also to see details of the Rapture, I have also summarized this in (The mystery of Joel) in order to convince people that very soon a great event will take place! Because of the many detailed notifications about it, I have also added those from different writers, to give it as complete and accurate as possible. Convince yourself by reading all these biblical truths which will not be accepted so easily by the world.

Het moment van de Opname
Let the children come to me (Luke 18:16)
New Light on the earthly and heavenly life of the children.
The then published by “VISIE” (1961) The Netherlands

With permission reissued by J.J.Belle


In the foregoing we have read several times that every little child, wherever born, whether in the church or outside it, whether of pious or impious parents, when it dies it is received by the Lord and will be brought up in heaven. Whilst we are now in a period of time during which the Holy Spirit emphasizes increasingly that the return of Christ is imminent, Christian parents may wonder what will happen with babies and little children during the Rapture of the true church of Christ.

From several revelations we have found first of all, that the Lord in hard times, which precede His coming, in particular shall have mercy on the children of believers who faithfully dedicate their children to Him in intercession. Then the Rapture will occur. More than once there is talked about the disappearance of babies and small children. Although these passages take only a small part of the said prophecy, we believe that for a proper understanding, we should do well to describe the matter from the very beginning. A revelation about the Rapture of the church of Jesus Christ.


Events immediately after the Rapture
Pastor Olav Rogde


Olav Rogde told:

What I have written passed through my mind on Thursday 11th December, 1952 in the morning when I was on my knees in prayer in the home of one of my brothers in Bergen. I was mightily moved with the vision. It seemed to me as if I were reading from a small book booklet and the thought that the community was to be caught up was not at all in my mind at that time. It struck me that I should put it down, but it did not strike me as a revelation and I wanted to dismiss the thought from my mind, with the idea that it was just a product of my own mind. But I did not get any peace in my mind. I said to God: “I cannot remember all that. If it is to be put down, you will have to give it to me once more.”

A couple of weeks passed by, then it came over me again. It was like sitting down writing a story from a newspaper or a book. It was 10 o’clock in the evening. I got hold of a pencil. There was an old cash-book and I put it down in it. I wrote and wrote till almost 1 o’clock. Then I could no more. (I was about to become 79 years old). I said a prayer that I might get a rest. And that if there was more to come, that he should give it to me the next day. I went to bed and fell asleep at once. Another week elapsed. But then the vision came back one evening at 10 o’clock. It was the direct continuation from the point where I had finished. I hope this letter shall awaken a soul because then the purpose of the letter will be reached.

It is 9 o’clock a.m. Mrs. Andersen is sitting by the radio listening to the children’s program. It was really good today. A little bit of religion mixed in, because it should be. It is good for the little children – not too much – that might turn out unsound. 4-5 minutes may have elapsed as the transmission is suddenly interrupted. There is a sensational message from Oslo:

The town is completely panic stricken. The police authorities announce that something extra ordinary has happened. Fairly many (the exact number cannot be definitely stated) children and adults have disappeared leaving no trace. The authorities cannot undertake to give public notice of the missed persons as they are far too many, but are asking the families who have lost a member to give as detailed information as possible of where and how the disappearance has happened. This is required in order to get a survey and to go to the bottom of the mystery. Some minutes later the radio informs the listeners that a couple of the market dealers had suddenly disappeared from the main market-place when carrying out their work. A customer buying flowers says that she was about to pay for a flower and that the man stood looking for change when he suddenly disappeared. She heard him say “Thank you, Jesus”. But she did not see him anymore. She rubbed her eyes because it seemed to her as if she had had a haze before her. But the man had vanished and the haze too.

At the very moment a young woman began to scream quite terribly. At the same time as she dragged and pulled at an empty pram. She ran shouting: “Somebody has stolen my child!” It was an eight month old boy. Where is he? Where is the police? Yes, the police was there. But what could be done? From all directions there came shouting and noise. A big, thick shop owner rushed out from his shop and shouted: “Help, help!” Two of his shop assistants had simply vanished from behind the counter. But what is it?

Also from Stockholm lots of disappearances like those in Oslo are reported and the town is in a panic. It is reported that several policemen are among the disappeared and now Copenhagen and Helsingfors have reported similar incidents. From the provinces reports of missing persons come pouring in. Everywhere it is children and adults that have disappeared.

The police stands perplexed and powerless at this mystery. – “Ugh!” says Mrs. Andersen, “Good gracious! What is it?” She gets up and goes out into the street door and looks down the street. It is a nice street, fine small houses surrounded by small gardens. There is Mrs. Holland coming. She holds her hands before her eyes and shouts in a state of despair: “Ruth! Ruth!” Then she catches sight of Mrs. Andersen and asks: “Have you seen any stranger pass by? Ruth has disappeared. She was sitting on the stairs in front of our house while I stood arranging a rosebush and then she disappeared. I shouted and cried out Ruth, but nobody answered. I quite thought that somebody went up the wall, but one gets quite confused. One’s head is all in a whirl and one thinks and sees all sorts of things. But Ruth! Ruth! Who has taken her?” Mrs. Holland weeps in despair.

But there comes Mr. Andersen. “Do you come now? At this time!” Mrs. Andersen asks. It is only half past nine. I cannot go on working any longer. It is complete chaos down there at the engineering works. Several workers have disappeared in a mystical way. Several machines have stopped and at the beginning it was thought that accidents had happened. We looked for them, but we did no find a trace of any of the disappeared. But then he who has given himself out to be a Christian, the one who used to go to meetings, I do not remember his name, began to say: “Now it’s happened!” – “What’s happened?” I asked. “Jesus has taken away those who belong to him.” He wrung his hands and wept vehemently and shouted: “God, I am left behind! I am left!” I asked him to shut up, but he behaved even worse. It was dreadful to listen to him. There were several, I think, who felt the same way. I went, I. We will have to work overtime today anyway.

But down town it was even worse. It was chaos in the traffic. Drivers had disappeared as well as passengers. The trams had stopped and were standing in long rows and buses and cars which had drivers tried to pass. But people were almost mad and were just looking for their relatives. The police stood powerless. Mrs. Holland’s weeps, wrings her hands and runs home. Mr. Andersen and his wife go in. The radio is on Bergen. From all directions there comes information of disappeared persons. The telephone has rung all the day with enquiries about and information of this horrid incident. People have disappeared from several ships at sea.

From the maternity wards all newborn babies have disappeared and their mothers are wailing in despair. Assistants and nurses are panic-stricken, but also some of them have disappeared. From the home for the aged several persons have disappeared.

At 11 o’clock the radio, this time from London, informs the listeners that at about 9 o’clock today reports suddenly started coming in from all over Great Britain of lots of children and adults who had disappeared not leaving least a trace. None of the disappeared have been found again. The whole thing is a mystery. Some of the clergymen have called the parishioners together and have found that it is the most devout and praying of their members that have disappeared. Also some clergymen and preachers are reported to be among the disappeared. A bishop of a large religious community has called his clergymen together to a meeting this evening.

Now three and a half hours have elapsed since the first message came from Oslo and it appears that new reports of disappeared persons are coming in all the time from all countries. In the Far East reports are coming from Korea, the most sensational reports. There the number of the disappeared is counted to several hundred thousand among them many military men from the united forces. It is quite impossible to describe the course of events during these first hours. All are panic-stricken. In the streets people, especially mothers that have lost their children, are running to and fro wringing their hands. But many are mocking and cursing God and man. A man comes running down across the street. He wrings his hands and shouts: “Look out, look out! We will soon be taken all of us!” He had probably lost his reason.

An elderly woman is standing in a corner with clasped hands looking up towards the sky. Then she says: “Oh! No! As we did not get ready so that we were caught up when He was here no one will be caught up later. Good God! Jesus! Help us! Now it has come true. I have been religious all my life. But I did not think that He would come so soon. I have not been so scrupulous about everything.”

The railways report that so far no direct accident has happened. Only one train is standing at the fence without driver and guard. Orders have been sent to all linemen to search the whole line for people who possibly might have jumped off from the East-bound train and who quite likely have met with an accident. Because several passengers have disappeared. From the fiord and coast ships it is reported that people have disappeared.

In the evening the evening papers published a report where people were requested not to lose their head, and to be calm. The police authorities are working everywhere in order to fix the number of lost persons. The scientists, especially the meteorologists, are busy trying to find the reason for this remarkable phenomenon. Now a report has come in from the U.S.A. that reports similar to those of Norway have begun to come streaming in to the police in the States. The reports came about 6 hours later. That is at 9 o’clock by the American clock. It appears to follow the sun westwards. Fairly devastating traffic accidents causing losses of lives are reported from the States. The newspapers point out that tomorrow they will have a more detailed survey of what has happened in the States. And if the phenomenon follows the sun, reports will be received from all large places in the U.S.A. Because then San Francisco will be reached in the afternoon.

It is 8 o’clock p.m. now and it is revealed from the news-transmissions that this catastrophe acts the same way all over the world. So far one knows most about the larger towns but reports of disappear-ed persons are more and more beginning to stream in from the provinces.

In the south part of the world something quite similar has happened and it seems to have happened parallel with what we have experienced here. There is a terrible state of agitation everywhere. It seems that people dare not go to bed tonight. In the street the things that have happened are discussed hysterically. They come more and more to the conclusion that it has to do with the Christian faith. Those who knew the disappeared are able to report that they exclusively were Christian fanatics and innocent children.

A brewery-worker had said: “Well, Olsen is missing now. And he has probably got it the way he has gone preaching about. That Jesus would come and catch him up soon. We, too, had one of that sort. And also he disappeared. But now the authorities will have to take charge of the matter and prohibit all religion. So that nothing like this will ever happen again!” – “Oh, no”, one in the crowds exclaimed. “It will never happen again! They were right after all, these Christians, because they had a presentiment of this. Had we only listened to them, we would probably have had it better than now. Than to be forced to live in this hell and chaos which we have over us now. And which we will get more of!” – “Really, you believed in them, you! Then you should have accompanied them when they went”, one said. “I’d have liked to, if I had been able to”, he just answered and went. Somebody shouted after him: “You should be hanged, both you and all the others that concern themselves with this insane Christian faith!”

The next day the newspapers, after all, could not give any explanation. Everything is and remains a mystery. Similar reports are coming from all countries. From the mission fields lots of Christians are reported as disappeared. Only a few of the Christians have been left there. There appeared to be fairly many clergymen and preachers present at the meeting appointed. But many had also been caught up. A nervous and gloomy atmosphere was prevailing. Many were very unhappy. There was not the least doubt that what had happened was the prophesied catching up of the saints or the catching up of the wife. Some confessed that, in spite of their theological education and their studies, they had never imagined that it would happen in this way. A young clergyman says: “The professors never spoke of it in the way in which it has happened in these days. I had never learnt it in such a way.” One was not familiar with the spirit of the new birth and the adoption of sons. There were tendencies towards discussions, but the minds were too upset and therefore they could not be positive, a journalist wrote.

When the police had addressed itself to the public in order to hear the public opinion most of the attenders of the meeting agreed that what had happened was a prophesied biblical event, the so called catching up of the wife or that Jesus had caught up those who belonged to him. That was all they could say for the present.

However, the police did not want to publish the declaration of the clergymen as it meant that this was a product of a nervous and hysterical imagination. Moreover, the event was of such a far-reaching nature, that it had to become a state affair. If the thing has something to do with the Christian religion, all churches and religious meeting-places should be closed till further notice, until a better survey has been reached and until everything is more clear. It is a problem that concerns all nations and therefore there will perhaps have to be a common attitude towards the matter. Then the United Nations should be the right institution to deal with it and to submit it to a thorough investigation.

In the Christian circles the atmosphere is very depressed. Yesterday all meeting-places and churches were filled with people. Some parishes were without preachers and many members were missing. In the parishes of many religious communities only sparse believers were left. But in return there was an enormous influx of outsiders. And in most cases those who were struck by the “great accident”, as people called it. People wanted to listen to the word of God, but it was as if it had vanished. One tried to read. He said: “I do not understand anything.” He gave the Bible to another and this said: “I cannot read.” Others were weeping.

But the great crowd seemed to agree that Christian faith was the direct reason for this tragic event. But also many came to seek the help of God. They were deeply unhappy. At most meetings there was complete confusion. A man stood with clenched fists and shouted to a preacher: “It is your fault that so many of us have been left behind! You never told us that Jesus was to come back! And even less about having a pure heart and being filled with the Holy Spirit!”

he situation cannot be described the way it developed. People knew that a dreadful time stood at the door. It was in the wind that all hope was lost. The door was shut. People knocked on the door and shouted. Especially all those that had contented themselves with empty Christian phrases and modes of expression. Some had been members just for the sake of comradeship. Others just because of various tasks in singing and music etc. All without having been born again. For some participating in the work of the church had been just for the sake of company – a hobby. Now they knocked on the shut door. “Lord, Lord Open to us!”

On top of all this came the horrid rumors that World War III might break out any moment. The diplomatic relations between the East and the West were broken off. As regards the catching up of the Christians it did not take the authorities long to come to a decision. In some states all Christian activity and all meetings were prohibited. It was prohibited on penalty of death to name the name of Jesus. The countries should be scoured of all Christian literature. With the Bible on top all should be burnt. It meant death to be in possession of the very least thing bearing the impress or reminding people of Christ. In other states it took a little longer before such prohibitions were being fixed by law. But the godless crowd, both among the leaders and among the people, was upset at the things that had happened and insisted that something had to be done. The majority gained the victory and as Christian faith was the reason for the incidents the result was clear.

Then the most terrible of all the periods in the history of mankind started. A great crowd of the Christians left behind continued to invoke God and did not want to comply with the prohibition issued by the authorities. They were imprisoned and interrogated. “If you want to curse Jesus Christ and deny Jesus Christ, then you will be able to save your life.” That was the parole. But thousands were steadfast and the massacre was indescribable. Many were terribly tortured so that they died. There was no law and right any more. Satan had been let loose. Woe to the earth and to its inhabitants.

There were several who yielded in their distress. They could not escape anywhere. Because, the whole world lieth in wickedness. All countries agreed that the Christians had to be exterminated. The Prince of this World had now taken the power. Children betrayed their parents to death. Now it was accomplished that is said in (Luke 21:16-17) “But you will be betrayed even by parents and brothers and relatives and friends, and they will put some of you to death, and you will be hated by all because of My name.”

It is impossible to describe the conditions prevailing, but God has described it in the Revelation. The great invocation of these unhappy ones was: “Lord, Lord may you shorten these days.”
(2 Petr.3:9) “The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance.”


The above article was translated from the Norwegian paper Hjemmets Venn (No.22/1958) into Swedish by Rune Asblom and from that translation into English by Maj-Len Henriksson.

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