March 2018 | Time is running out fast | The Rapture

– The Rapture –
“How much time do we have left?”
(Jesus: “Time is already up!”)
(Matthew 24:34“Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.”

The Lord said in May 2006 to Pastor Brani Duyon: “Tell My Children to be ready and alert, because I will come soon. sooner than people expect!”

Perhaps this statement has to do with the fact that perhaps the construction of the third Temple would have started. That means that the false Prophet would already be known by then.

While the Christians follow the progress of the construction, the Lord suddenly comes with the Rapture! The third Temple is still under construction when Jesus comes to pick up His own. With this given, this Prophecy could be true, that the Lord will come sooner. Sooner than people expect.

Brothers and sisters, see: “Vision tickets 1900” (Time of Grace almost over)/ (Dutch)
On Monday, August 28th, 2017, Jesus said to me: “Open the reactions of your site, because it is almost time.”

So how would you feel if Jesus would say this to you? What would you think? The Rapture in March 2018? That cannot be, because what about the third Temple and what is keeping the false Prophet from coming?

According to the vision of March 2018, the false Prophet would have had to reveal himself by October 23rd, 2017, but at least certainly in the last week of Oct. 2017, which did not happen.

Do I want to know all this? Then there is only one possibility, fasting, total fasting!

The months filled in incorrectly
Brothers and sisters, I have unfortunately filled in wrongly the months of the vision of “March 2018”.
On Tuesday, October 31st, 2017 in the afternoon at 2:25 PM, Jesus showed me how I should have completed the vision.
This is the first time I have submitted this vision to the Lord with a fast.

The vision is easy to fill in and even when I changed the months of April/May to Nov./Dec. I did not see that I would have made a mistake.

The lines of this vision can not be changed. It is a definite fact. But because time is no longer in relation to the possible Rapture in March 2018, I went for a strict prayer.

I was fasting for a day and a half when I studied the vision of March 2018 again in the afternoon.

By seeing this vision, I began praying: “Lord Abba Father, what did I fill in wrongly?” And the moment I having said that, I suddenly saw that the months had to be filled in from March on and I did not see that before.
It should have been: (March) April, May, June, July, “August 2018”!
By fasting and because of my prayer, I assume that Jesus showed this to me.

Is this vision now completed correctly or may there still be another variation?

You will understand that I was extremely astonished when I saw this. How could I have been so mistaken? So it looks like I made mistake with the months of the March 2018 vision. I could not have suspected this.

A generation: 70 years and 3 months?
We usually hold on to a full time of an average of 50, 70 or 100 years. But 70 years and 3 months? Yes, that is possible too. This means, therefore, that a generation with God does not necessarily end by entering the 70th year, but it can also be 70 years and 3 months!

(1948+70= 2018) From May 14th, 2018 to (23 – 31) Aug.2018 is 3 months.

All lines are inclined
Why are the two bottom lines, from top right to bottom left, facing down?
This concerns the two years of 2014 and 2015 and Nov./Dec. It is now understandable that I should have calculated the months starting from March. The months of Nov./Dec. must be April/May. The years 2014, 2015 and the months of April and May are downward and may indicate the passed time.

May the month of May have something to do with May 14th, (1948)? If so, then the countdown of the last generation would have begun from there. The years 2014 and 2015 have nothing to do with it. The other three lines, indicated from the bottom right to the top left, indicate a new time, in this case the End Time, which ends in August 2018.

From the moment that I have been busy with the End Time, I already saw that a generation with God the Father is exactly 70 years. I did not doubt that and then I received this vision from Jesus on March 23rd, 2013 as a confirmation. But then I should have filled it in well and I did not. The mistake was concerning the months.

Lord Abba Father, why did You not point me out this error earlier? My credibility is being tested very much now.”

Every day I felt tormented with this. And in the night of Thursday to Friday 03-11-2017 I thought I had heard: “Now more attention will be paid to it, because many do not recognize the time.”

See: “Vision tickets 1900” (Time of Grace almost over)/ (Dutch)
In this report I wrote the following:
“Very often, Jesus has said that time is already up. The time has long passed, etc. etc. But it is not so often that Jesus would have said that it is almost time. That is very special, because now you really have to pay attention yourself to what happens in the world..”

Brothers and sisters, if you do not want to believe the months, look at the year!

A vision with dates

Brothers and sisters, I want to make you understand of how I saw and have drawn the “March 2018” vision and how it should have been completed.

This is the vision I received from the Lord on March 23rd, 2013. I saw in a square 6 lines, all of which are skewed, including crosses and spheres (circles). There were no months and years pointed out.

This is how I started to build up the time in the vision. On the oblique line, almost vertically, from top right to bottom down left, I set the date when I received this vision. Afterwards I have put the years.

By seeing this vision, I knew that the years should be filled from bottom to top and right to left. That is because of the layout of the lines. What I also saw was that the crosses represent the years and the spheres (circles) are the months.

See the months of April and May. This is what I initially filled in. After March, April, May and so on. From March 23rd, 2013, I had filled in the date like this.

This entire website I have build up with this date of “March 2018”.

“How it should have been”

I could not complete the blank line, under the line of the three years, for long because I did not know what should be there. Only in Sept.2016 I saw that the last days had to be mentioned on it.

– August 2018 –

Brothers and sisters, would you have known better with what I had filled in first? It just could not be seen. At least, I did not see it.
The fact that I wrote Jan./Feb./March was because I thought that on this third line the first months of 2018 had to be mentioned. But it did not occur to me that I had to put the months starting from March.

The month “march 2018” should have been “August 2018”!

The time from March 2013 to August 2018 is not exactly five years, but is now 5 years and five months! The date of 23rd – 31st Aug. 2018 I hold as the week in which the Rapture could take place. That is because I received the vision on the 23rd.

It is a conclusion.

The false Prophet
Because the End Time, instead of March 2018, ends in August 2018, all times must also be adjusted. But what about the age of the false Prophet?
On February 5th, 2018, he will become 56 years old! The false Prophet will be killed in August 2018.

According to the Jewish era, the 1000-year Peace Kingdom begins in Sept.2022. But… I do not come beyond Sept.2021.

The most amazing is the vision of the five fiches 59

The fiches indicate 59 and I think that it concerns the age of the Antichrist, because at that age he will be killed. That will happen in June 2021. The Antichrist by then would have ruled for over 2 years and 11 months. But that is actually not possible. For, according to the vision of Isaiah, the spirit of the Antichrist shall rule 3 years, 8 months and 12 days! If that is indeed the case, then the false Prophet should reveal himself in Nov./Dec. 2017, otherwise this time will not be correct.

The false Prophet/Antichrist was born on February 5th, 1962

The Rabbins and their Messiah
The Rabbins are sure that Nov./Dec.2017 is the year of the Messiah. But, according to my calculation, it should however be in March 2018, because after the revelation of the false Prophet every other 5 months  another horse shall appear. If the false Prophet is killed in Aug. 2018, then the false Prophet has revealed himself already 5 months before.

But that does not necessarily have to be in March 2018. The false Prophet could indeed manifest himself earlier. If not, then it is not quite unthinkable that the patience of the Rabbins will soon end. They could decide that the construction of the third Temple should already begin.

The Third Temple
If the rider (false Prophet) on the white horse indeed reveals himself in Nov./Dec. 2017, he will then govern until Aug. 2018. After that, following the red horse, the black horse and then the pale horse will appear every five months. The three horses of Armageddon.

The revelation of the false Prophet namely is the signal for the construction of the third Temple. Taken from Nov./dec. 2017, the third Temple could be build in ±9 months. But then the work has to continue day and night.

Brothers and sisters, when I receive a vision, I tell everyone
The years are well indicated. But the month of March should have been August 2018.
After this discovery, I immediately informed other Christians and explained the situation.
In my opinion, this vision continues to be about the Rapture.

If the completion of these months is still not correct, then the vision of “August 2018” might have to suggest something else. But who among you, among the Christians of God, thinks that this vision has nothing to do with the Rapture and… do you also believe that?

Israel the fig tree
(Matthew 24:32-34) “Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh: So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.”

34] “Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.”

The 70th Year of Daniel (May 14th, 2018 to May 13th, 2019)

Many Christians agree that with God the Father a generation is 70 years. It is indicated in the Bible in many ways. On YouTube there are many alarming messages, set up by young and old, that time is almost up. (May 14th, 1948 +70 years = May 14th, 2018)

But what many do not realize is that this generation starts from the 14th of May 1948 to 2018 to enter the 70th year, which will officially end on May 13th, 2019, because after this date we are in the 71st year.
After the birth of the State of Israel, this generation must therefore be seen as the 70th year in which the Rapture will take place. From May 14th, 1948 until Aug. 2018, it is 70 years and 3 months.

NASB (Psalm 90:10“As for the days of our life, they contain seventy years, Or if due to strength, eighty years, Yet their pride is but labor and sorrow; For soon it is gone and we fly away.”

With this vision, the Lord not only has given me the year but also the month of the Rapture. But we can not determine day nor hour. That is impossible!
(Matthew 24:36) “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone.”
The Lord only mentions the day and the hour, not month nor year. Otherwise, I would not have received the vision about “August 2018”.

All texts are from the King James Version (KJV) and the New American Standard Bible (NASB)

and completed by prophecies according to (John 16:13)

Overview photos and drawings
The white horse of Peace and the three horses of Armageddon.
Jesus, like the Lion of God. The King is Coming!


We have very little time left!

– August 2018 –
Vision! “Month of the Rapture”
The Rapture
(Matth.9:37-38) “Then He said to His disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few. Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he send forth laborers into his harvest.”
This is my prayer, fasting and praying. Who wants to help Jesus?

Let the people not be overwhelmed by Armageddon. Pass it on!


– 3x 7 years (2x 7 years and 2x 3,5 years)
– The Sons of God. See graphics. We are waiting for the last Benjamin!
– A vision/prophecy. Time and moment of Rapture
– The time of the Rapture is not invisible
– Biochip different from the symbol or logo (666)
– The 7 Seals, 7 Trumpets and the 7 Vials not in chronological order!
– Two Olive Trees (Moses and Elijah)
– The second death
– See YouTube! Video: Moment of the Rapture.


Jesus, comes soon on the clouds!

“The one who is awake and in prayer when I come will know when I am coming!”
Pastor Sori Park (Zuid-Korea)
(Amos 3:7) “Surely the Lord GOD does nothing unless He reveals His secret counsel to His servants the prophets.”

Time and moment of the Rapture

This booklet describes two particularities: How much time do we have and who will be taken during the Rapture? The Bible clearly describes, that it is impossible to determine the time and day of the Rapture. However there is nothing written about the month and the year. Yet there are Christians who think that it could take another 50 years. But what all these Christians do not know is that they will all remain behind with such an assumption! For Jesus only takes those who actually believe in the imminent rapture. And this is so to say the great invisible danger! (Matthew 24:36) “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone.”
(Verse 42) “Therefore be on the alert, for you do not know which day your Lord is coming.”

The year and month

The false Prophet can reveal himself now at any moment. It will be someone who suddenly, from one moment to the other, will know how to call the attention onto himself.
With God the Father one generation is exactly 70 years. Israel was recognized on May 14th, 1948 as the State of the Jews. From that moment on, the countdown has begun. This is where Jesus spoke: “Now learn the parable from the fig tree: when its branch has already become tender and puts forth its leaves, you know that summer is near; so, you too, when you see all these things, recognize that He is near, right at the door. Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place.” (Matthew 24:32-34) The presumable Rapture could then take place, before the month of May of the year 2018!
After the birth of Jesus, 70 years later Jerusalem was demolished.
70 years after the birth of the State of Israel Armageddon begins!

World Leader
Jesus gave this message to many Christians.“The man that will lead the world into complete destruction has been born!”
The birth of the false Prophet/Antichrist was on February 5th, 1962! He will begin his duties being 53 years of age. (1962+53= 2015). His ideas will be a thousand times better than what Pim Fortuyn (a Dutch political, 1948-2002) has realized during his short time spent in politics.

See Internet! It is unfortunate that the Dutch could not enjoy more of his knowledge and visions. In any case, by his simplicity he has set the Dutch people and also many in the world in motion.

The false Prophet/Antichrist shows two totally different characters even though it concerns one and the same person. His period of power will be 2x 3,5 years, a total of 7 years. All Christians will go through the first period of 3,5 years and will enjoy a time of great prosperity. Many Christians are already looking forward to that moment! However, the entire book of Revelation is mainly dealing about the second period of time, which is again 3,5 years.
(Rev.13:4-5b) The World: “And they worshiped the dragon who gave power unto the beast: and they worshiped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him? And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.”

(42 months to 3,5 years or 1260 days).

The false Prophet will first be seen on TV. That could begin as early as 2015. He is already among us! With this writing (march 2015), the false Prophet/Antichrist is now 53 years old! Another few months and prosperity is about to begin!

Armageddon is no longer End of time

Revelation was written by John in 95 AC and has always been a closed book until the year 1880. It was mostly written in imagery with many symbols and the Christians could not do much with it. Until that time it was a misunderstood book. But from the moment that God the Father disclosed the book of Revelation to the Christians in the year 1880, a period of 120 years started that would lead to the beginning of the End Times.

The End Time (3x 6 year’s) has started in October 2000 and will end in March 2018. This is a time in which people can still choose freely to follow the Lord. But after the Rapture has occurred, man has no more free will and choice and thus is brought to an end the significance of the End of time.
Three times seven years
3x 7 years joined together
7 fat years 7 lean years 7 years peace/judgment
2000 till 2007 2007 till 2014 2014 till 2021
The End of time takes exactly 17.5 years
(2x 7= 14 +3,5= 17,5 year)
3,5 years peace time
3,5 years Armageddon
The dream of Pharaoh (Genesis 41:1-57)
In the time of Joseph, there were seven fat and seven lean years. At that time, the weather (rain and drought) was the decisive factor. In this modern age it is all about the economy.

The first signs of a recession were noticeable at the end of 2006 and beginning of 2007. But when the housing market in the VS collapsed in Oct.2007, almost immediately the whole world found itself in economic crisis.

(2x 7 years en 2x 3,5 years)

Oct. 2000 +7 years = Oct. 2007 (7 fat economic years worldwide)
Oct. 2007 +7 years = Oct. 2014 (7 lean economic years)
Oct. 2014 +7 years = September 2021 (2x 3,5 years. False Peace/Armageddon)

Which of my readers have noticed these times?
It is about 3x 7 years joined together.

But without the world realizing it, we have already entered the last 7 years since Oct.2014. These are the last 7 years of Daniel! (Daniel 9:27) Hardly anyone among Christians see that. It is almost impossible to see. And yet God the Father has His reasons for this. See: (Rev.13:3) “..and all the world marveled and followed the beast chasing…” The beast is the false Prophet/Antichrist)

The false Prophet could reveal himself in Nov./Dec.2015. However, the Rapture is already expected in March 2018! And so the time of 3.5 years should be calculated backwards from the end of March 2018. So the first period of 3.5 years already begun in Okt.2014, plus 3.5 years is March.2018. Moreover, adding 3.5 years of Armageddon, and it is September of the year 2021.

Israel May 14, 1948+70 year = May 2018

Although the 7 lean years should end in May 2015, the last 7 years (2x 3.5 years) already started from Oct./Nov.2014! This will be a time of tremendous economic growth and prosperity. Jesus says about that such a beautiful time has never been.

Since October 2014, from the last 7 years, we have already entered the first period of 3.5 years. For more than two years, the false Prophet will provide an unprecedented global peace. The world will be spiritually beaten with blindness! But God the Father is still waiting for the birth of His last son, the last Benjamin. That is in fact, what we are waiting for. Otherwise the Rapture would have taken place long before. For the period of time (6000 working years) has passed already!

(4000+2000+1000 year reign of peace = 7000) according to (2 Peter 3: 8).

The following is a copy from the leaflet: “The mystery of Joel” The last great Revival!
See the calculation of all the converts and the Sons of God. However, the amount of those who will come to living faith and repentance, shall increase monthly into the millions, and as the end of time approaches even into the tens of millions!

The Sons of God
The calculation is approximate. The number of Sons could be much higher or lower.

The birth of the last Son of God could take place in the month of March 2018!

The following is quite remarkable

The Lord has given me with the End Time vision not only the year, but also the month! Just like that of the Bride and the Oalim. That is quite remarkable.
Observe the year 2009! The last Bride. At first I thought that the last Bride had been concluded in 2012, as I had mentioned. However the Lord let me know that is was in Nov.2009! Notice, the Lord also gave me the month of that year… Nov.2009!
And what to think of the Level of the Oalim? The year 2014 I had written correctly. However the Lord again gave me the month… Nov.2014! The month I did not know before. The year only would have been good enough.
Now that the Lord has given me the months of the Bride and the Oalim, I also understand why the Lord gave me the month March of the Rapture. So you see, the Lord also makes the month known. However the day and the hour we cannot determinate. That is impossible! Matth.24:42-44)

Have you noticed the time as well?

From Nov.2009 until Nov.2014 is exactly 5 years. And from Nov.2014 until Nov.2017 is exactly 3 years. At this point it will take only 5 months until the Rapture. Seeing this it is quite obvious that the time is ending.

And do you also see what I see?

The level of the Oalim (3rd degree) has been concluded in Nov.2014, at the same time that the first 3,5 years have started. (2x 3,5 Year) Because the last 3,5 years are for Satan! And the ‘Winter’ (Armageddon) will begin in the month March of the year 2018. Just before, the 2nd degree level (the last Son of God the Father) will be concluded for ever in eternity.
See: The Winter and the Sabbath. “The last Benjamin

How much time do we have?

Jesus: “The time has long since passed. The time is up. The lines are already drawn. I know who the mines are, and who is not. But, beloved, you need to prepare yourself so that you can hear the call of the shofar.” (horn)
Maurice Sklar: “Before long War for Israel

The Keniaan dr. Owuor “I repeat, the Lord spoke to me that it is time that the Church can be snatched away (raptured) at any time. “THE TIME HAS PASSED. All Christians must prepare themselves for the coming of the Lord.”

Ricardo Cid (Republic Chili, Santiago)
“Jesus is coming soon! How can I convince you of this, it will be so soon!”
See Internet! 8 hours in Heaven” by Ricardo Cid.

Pastor Brani Duyon (may 2006) Borneo Evangelical Church, Kota Belud, Sabah.
(East-Maleisië)Tell My children, they must be ready and alert, because I will be coming soon. Sooner than people expect!” said the Lord Jesus.


The Antichrist1_JPEG
The Bible says that a leader will arise with incredible strength and power
(Rev.13:1-8) “De Antichrist”
Birth of false Prophet/Antichrist was on Feb.5th, 1962. But another date is known. Namely Feb.3rd, 1962. See internet! During the months Nov./Dec.2015 he will reveal himself.

Source photo: The Antichrist: Rene’s Homepage

A vision/prophecy

For years I kept myself busy with the Rapture. But then, on Saturday night, March 23, 2013, something occurred. Jesus gave me a very special vision that night.
This vision I received at 03:07 pm. When I saw this, I sat straight up in my bed and said aloud to the Lord: “This vision I will remember in the morning!” So clear was it. Immediately I tried to study and analyse this vision during the night. A few hours later I drew and described exactly what the Lord had shown me during the vision.
(See drawing!)

Six lines in a square

No matter how you look at it, you should read from right to left. One line I cannot place. That is the second one from the top. It is a line without text. What this line means exactly, I do not know. All lines in the square are oblique and I saw crosslets and little circles on them. As I wondered how to understand it, I saw how this had to be completed. It was only a fraction that every detail came to me clearly.

In the vision I saw it altogether as in a square, exactly how I drew. How surprised I was when I saw the months and years from right to left on the lines. Only on the nearly vertical line March 2013 is written on its side. I only added the 23 to it because that was the date when I received this vision. Only on this line March 2013 is well written, were it not that the writing is slanted underneath the line to see.

The day and time, we cannot define it, that’s impossible. But seeing this drawing considering the Rapture, the year and month are easily to be recognized.

Would I have been able to invent this?

Maybe. But I certainly would not get the idea to write the dates and months, from right to left, and certainly not the date (March 23rd, 2013) on its side, so down and below the line. Besides, all lines are oblique. The two lines to bottom, indicate a time that ends. The three lines up to give a new time.

Now the statement itself

The little circles indicate the months, the crosslets the years. As of March 23rd, 2013 until March 23rd, 2018 covers exactly 5 years. The first line shows three years. 2016, 2017 with 2018 as the last year. The third line identifies three months, January and February, giving the directive for the month of March. That could have to do with the Rapture. At least, that’s what I think.

The line of the years 2014 and 2015 and the months of Nov./Dec.

In the months Nov./Dec. something could take place or occur. But what, I do not know. However I have a strong suspicion. The first three lines, I have read from the top downwards and the two bottom lines from bottom to top. But you must read the situation first from right to left and then from bottom to top if you want to make something out of it.

The year 2014 somehow seems to be an important year in one way or another. Because on that line that year also begins. It could be a run-up to the year 2015. But if from the 3x 7 years we review the last 7 years and according to the vision we calculate 3.5 years backward from the Rapture in the month of March 2018, then we can conclude that the mentioned Time has started in Oct.2014. That is where the year 2014 is coming from!

According to my understanding, the false Prophet/Antichrist may be coming from Europe. But from any other place is also possible. According to resources, he was born on February 5th, 1962 and will begin his work when he is 53 years of age. And this will be in Nov./Dec.2015!

November, December 2015
Initially I had first indicated the months April/May 2015. It is now June 2015 and in April and May 2015 nothing special of spiritual nature happened as I had first indicated, according to the vision.
The months of January, February and March 2018, that is certain. I will not touch that, because it is a vision. The years 2014 and 2015 are also fixed, as continuation to 2013.

But I must admit that I may have interpreted the two circles (April and May) incorrectly. The years were not indicated, nor the months. I realised that when I had drawn the vision. But the months of April and May were assumed by me as a conclusion , because after March, April and May is the correct order, even though it could be two years later.

From the end of May 2015, I went in prayer before the Lord and asked how I should see these two little circles. And on Friday June 12th, 2015, I saw the mistake!
The two circles are at the left side at the end of the line. In case the two circles would be on the right side of the line, they would have been the months of April and May all right. But the two circles however are left on the end(!) of the line facing downwards. So that could possibly indicate that this means the last two months of the year 2015. (Nov./Dec.2015)

The two month lines are close together. This already indicates that Nov./ Dec./ Jan./ Feb./ March in fact should be the correct order and not from March (April/May) as I had first indicated.

Now I understand why the two lines are facing down. It shows a time that ends in that particular month. The three lines which are directed upwards indicate towards a new period of time. More I cannot make of it. The two months of the vision are now correctly written.
But why is it that nothing is known yet about the false Prophet? There is really only one explanation. Jesus tries to hide the Identity of the false Prophet as long as possible by keeping it secret.

See: (Rev.13:3) “And the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast…”

Israel is still waiting for their Messiah

And now that time seems to come very close.
See: testimony! Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri: “I have met the Messiah.” Kaduri told his followers. “He will appear soon. Many stupendous events will take place for His coming. Prepare for His coming!”

The line of the months January/February/March

These are the last three months of the Great Revival. The “Late rain” of Joel (2:23/28). From October 2014 until March 2018 should therefore be seen as one period of 3,5 years. The possible Rapture could take place in the month of March 2018 before Pentecost. The Great Revival takes about 5 months and might begin at the end of October 2017.

Why did I receive this vision?

It is the intention of the Lord that this vision will be announced all over the world. Beside this vision also all my other reports on the End of Time will be put on the website.
The Lord wants to make Christians aware of in what time we live. Therefore it is important that Christians examine their own state of being. How do they stand spiritually? (2 Peter 1:10)

The birth of the Antichrist
The birth of this “superman” has been announced to the world in a book titled “A gift of Prophecy” as follows: “..a child, somewhere in the Middle East, born as a Jew on February 5th, 1962, will revolutionize the world.”
By the second half of 1965 this book has had in America already 11 reprints, while through Reader’s Digest 25 million copies in 14 languages has been circulated, reflected in a summary. In many prophecies, the Lord has confirmed that this child, born on February 5th, 1962, is indeed the expected Antichrist.

Source: (Journal Vision “The time is near” 1967)

The false Prophet/Antichrist is said to have been born in Jerusalem and has moved to Egypt later on. There he studied in 1987 computers, trading and philosophy. Momentarily he is working at the background in the Middle East. He has been described as a handsome man with unimaginable charisma. First, he will be a saviour, a “Prince of Peace”, a “Super Man”, a man with all the answers. But after the first time of 3,5 years, he will turn into the Antichrist. At present he still works secretly. How many of us might know him already?
Source: (Unknown)


The End time generation is 70 years
Israel was in exile for 70 years in Babylon.
(Daniel 9:24) Vision. The 70 weeks of Daniel.
(Psalm 90:10) One generation is 70 years!
There are many biblical generations:
40, 50, 70, 100, and 120 years.
1897 (First Zionist Congress) + 120 years = 2017
1917 (Balfour Declaration/return of the Jews) + 100 years = 2017
1948 (The year Israel was reborn as a nation) + 70 years = 2018
1967 (The year Jerusalem was retaken by Israel) + 50 years = 2017
1977-78 (The Year Israel reached maturity) + 40 years [testing] = 2017/18

Source: The 120-Year End-Time Generation. Allen Barber (USA)
Childrens picture: (2017-2018 what will happen then? – Appie)

Everything indicates that with God the Father, one generation is exactly 70 years. (Matthew 24:32-34) “Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.”
Many Christians think that the Rapture will occur in the year 2017. But in reality the countdown has begun on May 14th, 1948. According to the vision (drawing) this time of 2018 is easy to recognize. The probable Rapture is therefore expected in March 2018!

Armageddon time shortened

God the Father shortened the first period of 3,5 years and will also do this with the period of Armageddon! How this may be possible, can only be thought of by a true strategist. The Rapture should actually take place in the month of May of the year 2018, but it will however be two months earlier. Now the rapture will take place in March(!) 2018. So if the first 3,5 years is calculated backward, then the last 7 years already started in Oct.2014. According to the chronology of 3x 7 years, the 1000 years of peace shall begin in May 2022. However, as the Lord will also shorten the time of Armageddon, it must be assumed that the 1000 years of peace might begin before September 2021 or even earlier. According to the calculation the period of Armageddon should last exactly 3 years and 6 months. The Lord clearly says: “And unless those days should be shortened, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.” (Matthew 24:22)
The elect does not concern the 144,000 but concerns the Jewish people.

Internationally uncountable warnings on the Internet (YouTube)
Many Christians encourage the worldly people to convert their heart. On the Internet, these warnings of repentance are already read by thousands and in many languages and… all these sites increase in number! There are even those who see that the time is near and write with great cries, that the Rapture is imminent. And truly, it is 3 minutes before 12 on the clock!

Because, among all Christians of God, virtually no one knows the exact year of the Rapture, the unrest is becoming obvious. They do recognize the time, but they do not know the time of the Rapture. Yet it is not so very difficult to determine the exact year of the Rapture.
By the following events, this period of time will come out more and more clearly.

The time of the Rapture is not invisible

1) The very first calculation that can be made of the end times is that of the world time. In one week (seven days) everything has been set up by God the Father. There are six working days and there is one rest day. See (2 Peter 3:8). “But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.” (4000+2000+1000 years of peace)= 7000 years.
Starting from Adam and Eve (year 0) until the birth of Jesus Christ have passed 4000 years.
2) The date of birth of the false Prophet/Antichrist is Febr.5th, 1962!
3) When will the false Prophet reveal himself? (Rev.13:11-18) According to the Vision “Time and moment of the Rapture” in Nov./Dec.2015!
4) The false peace will last for 3 years. Once the false Prophet has been revealed, this time of false peace will be recognized instantly!
5) When shall the Great Revival break out? This last and greatest event of all times will be noticed by the whole world. By then the Rapture shall be only 5 months away!
6) The construction of the Temple will start in 2016. Because the Jews think they recognize the Messiah in this World leader! By Sept./Oct.2017 the false Prophet will take up residence there. But because he is not that Messiah that the Jews were believing, he will be banished after five months from Israel and be sent away. By then it will be already late February or early March 2018, three weeks before the Rapture!
7) When shall the false Prophet be killed? Immediately upon his return to Europe, the false Prophet shall be shot by a sniper who awaits him. (Rev.13:12-14).
8) After the false Prophet is slain, he will rise after three days (72 hours) and the whole world will be amazed by his resurrection! In the meantime, during these 72 hours, Satan shall have taken possession of the body and shall point directly to the killer who has slain the body of the false Prophet. Because this killer is very likely to be a newly converted Christian, the Antichrist will immediately declare war on all Christians!
The rapture by then has not yet happened!

9) Biochip differs from the symbol or logo (666). If you mention the 666 number, everyone knows what you are talking about. Because this number puts an end to everything!
Caught by the Biochip. From 2016/2017 the Biochip will make its debut. However there will be a great resistance among the people! Because many see the Biochip as the feared number 666. Therefore, in the meantime, there will also be introduced a temporary card (High Tech “Smart I.D. Card”) This shall be your new ID Card. (Identity). Three to five months before the Rapture, this Biochip, that precedes the 666 symbol, shall be applied by all the people in the world. The Biochip must then be injected!

The Biochip contains a GPS tracking system that follows all your ways during 24 hours, 7 days a week accurately. This GPS (Biochip) cannot be influenced. E.g. A magnet or current cannot disturb the Biochip. The Biochip has no hard drive nor a memory stick. The code that is inside refers to a computer of your country. The Biochip only provides the link, such as your bank card.
The biochip is not the number 666 as is the case of the Laser mark (symbol/logo).

10) The Laser mark (access code 666)
The 666 number will nowhere be mentioned. It also does not figure on the preliminary card (High Tech “Smart I.D. Card”). The number of the devil will be replaced by a symbol or logo. See: (Rev.13: 18). “Here is wisdom. Let him that has understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred three score and six.”
The 666 number alone brings great fear amongst the people. But it is almost certain that this number will not be used as such by the Antichrist. Once the Biochip (as advice) is injected into the left hand between the index finger and thumb, the preliminary card (High Tech “Smart I.D. Card”) will be cancelled. It will no longer be necessary to remember the PIN code. Because the Biochip contains your complete identification as well as your PIN!

The biochip itself is spiritually seen not dangerous. Because after death you cannot take materials with you. The biochip can even be replaced! On the contrary the Laser burn mark (access code 666) is never to be changed or replaced!

The access code 666. (The Seal of Death)
Once that the character or logo (access code 666) shall be required personally by the Antichrist, it really becomes dangerous, because the access code 666 is going to be carved with a Laser into the etheric body as a tattoo! All the scars on the body as well as the symbol/logo (666) on the body, right hand or forehead, carved like a tattoo or burned in the skin with a laser, can also be seen on the etheric body!

And only now this mark can be seen and recognized clearly at the other side of life. Satan sees immediately who is his and who is not.

Warning for those who mock with the number 666

Whoever makes this no.666 as a tattoo on his body and thus mocks, will find himself in a really bad situation. “Be not deceived; God is not mocked. For whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap.” (Galatians 6:7)

Churches, prayer houses and Free Church communities will run empty

Just before Jesus returns, the Christians shall no longer be open to the Gospel. They want no more, as formerly, to hear about sin and grace, law and Gospel, repentance and conversion. Instead of that a replacement will be created: a “happiness Gospel.” It goes after success, material goods, and things that God never promised us. The lukewarm attitude among Christians has already been widely recognized. The message of sin and grace, law and Gospel and repentance is not appreciated anymore by many. Churches are emptying. People desire a pleasant Gospel.

(7 seals/ 7 Trumpets/ 7 Vials) not in chronological order. (In process)
The false peace (October 2014/March 2018) (3.5 years)

The rider of the first white horse is already at work!
This rider is none other than the false Prophet. He will rule 3,5 years. The first seal. “And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.” (Rev.6:2)
Since Oct.2014 the world is already very restless. What the world is experiencing now is the spirit of the world and is not the work of the false Prophet. (2 Thess.2:6-8) “..the mystery of lawlessness is already at work…”

After the Rapture of all the Christians Satan will be the only ruler

It will be of no use then to pray in need. For Jesus and the Holy Spirit shall not be there anymore. Prayers will not be answered. It shall also be pointless to fast. There will be only two forces possible, the force of insight and one’s own physical strength.

(Rev.12:17) Jesus knows that He cannot do anything anymore during the last 3,5 years. The Gospel is brought to the people and they did not want to accept Him. No it is the turn of the Antichrist. Through the power of the Holy spirit this was the last Revival, such as never has happened before. See: “Late rain” of Joel (2:23/28)
Jesus has really done everything that was possible according to Him. With the Rapture, a period of 2000 years of grace will be closed. Then a deterrent will be used to force the stragglers still to choose for the 666. See what Jesus has to say to Zipora Bitrus*: “You would not have come through the tribulation. That is why you must be there with the Rapture.”
Many Christians (90%!) are mistaken when it comes to Armageddon. They will not make it. Because the pressure to accept the 666 is too heavy. See: (Rev.13:2-7) (Verse 7) “And he had to make war with the saints and to overcome them; and power was given him over every tribe and people and tongue and nation.”

*) Cource: Rapture Revelation to Zipora Bitrus

Vision of Ken Peters (USA)
Ken Peters: In my dream someone asked me if already I had my identification mark. I said what do you mean? He said that a symbol has been introduced (which incidentally first shall be used on a voluntary basis) that everyone soon needed to have in order to buy and sell.
The symbol that this person had in his hand, looked like a kind of holographic sun, appearing like radiating many ‘rays’. In that sun there was another symbol looking like a hand bearing the mark. This man was very happy with his symbol, because the people did not need credit cards nor bank passes any more.

An impressive vision from 1980 about the Great Tribulation.

Seeing this logo (666), it gives quite a shock. Because this looks very serious. It is even challenging! This logo is meant for all over North America.

Seven times a diabolical symbol!

As we know, the world is divided into seven Continents.
Antarctica, Africa, Australia, Asia, Latin America, Europe and North America.
Each Continent also has its own diabolical code (666). It is a character or logo, which is to be calculated. For Satan will never come with the number 666. People might reject it and that is not allowed. That is why Jesus says explicitly: calculate the number (symbol or logo). Because this symbol or logo (666) brings man eternal death!

In Europe, the Code/symbol (666) is also already known

See the number! (Y2K =666). Y stands for “Generation” the 2 stands for “unity” (The world or Satan and man). The K stands for Kingdom but could also be the first letter of his name. Number 2 (1 and 2) could be, no. 1 the false Prophet and 2 the Antichrist. But… the letter K may have different meanings. E.g. the name of the false Prophet, would be the most logical order. The letter ‘K’ could be the first letter of multiple names, which the Antichrist would like to be addressed with in the future. But the letter ‘K’ can also mean Kingdom and is, in that case, equal to unity.

Anyway, if in whatever form this number should be mandatory to be laser burned on only the right arm or forehead, be aware that this shall be the dreaded 666, whereto the Bible (Rev.13: 16-18) so explicitly has warned the people for. Who does not cooperate shall be killed. The Antichrist will know then who actually belongs to him. For he will force the 666 (symbol or logo) on by law!

See Internet! This symbol Y2K is actually used for anything. But the acronym Y.2.K. is not described anywhere on the Internet. It is pure coincidence that this symbol Y2K will soon depict the 666 number.

Source: Y2K!

A little clarification: The Biochip is not a mark or symbol

The biochip under the skin which cannot be seen, is not a mark! A mark should be noticed. See: (Rev.13:16-18) The 666 number will be processed in a camouflaged way into the symbol or logo. This is the mentioned Laser mark (access code 666).
The symbol (Rev.13:18) in Greek “charagma”, means a scratch or etching, stamp, insignia or mark. The number 666 is the Greek expression Chi Xi Sigma, meaning, a mark engraved or punched (notched) for recognition of ownership.

America (USA) will come with a logo of a sun and a hand in it, and Europe has the mark Y2K. In Arabia the symbol is also already known. See Internet! The other four characters are possibly also known. As soon as I know about it, it will be added directly in this report.

Mind you, that everything you see and read is approximately. It is not yet an established fact. And that also counts for the Biochip! But who understands and has the right insights, will know that this has a grain of truth. Material cannot be taken, after death, and the symbol must be visible! The Biochip under the skin which is not visible, can therefore be no mark or symbol.
The symbol Y2K is already regarded by many as the very symbol (666) that will apply soon for Europe. For the time being no other symbol is known that can be coupled to the 666. The same applies to the logo of America. But given the seriousness with which all this is brought, it must be assumed that it is not inconceivable, that this might be the symbol or logo (666) which the people will soon be confronted with. It will be immediately recognized by everyone!

The second death

(Rev.2:10-11) “Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit said unto the churches; He that overcommeth shall not be hurt of the second death.”

(Rev.13:15) “And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.”
This section mainly concerns the first two years of Armageddon. What will happen next will be atrocious! Christians will be tortured in prison and the character or logo (666) will be enforced upon them. This period of ten days of suppression can be long. The Lord says: “ thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.” – “And the one who overcomes shall not be hurt by the second death.”

The second death is nowhere clearly defined on the Internet, but means the following: The second death concerns the person, who will be killed without the symbol or logo. The first death concerns the person who has accepted the 666 logo. The second death concerns only the body however, because without having the 666 logo, by dying someone actually has gained life!
The first death with the 666 logo is a natural death. With these people, living with the 666 logo, is obvious and natural. However with the second death you are forced to die and this is not natural anymore.
(Rev.13:16-17) “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

(Rev.2:11) The second death explained in a better way

During the time of Armageddon, only two possibilities of life are left. In both cases, people are forced to choose death. The one that will bring him life or the other accepting the number, which will bring him eternal death.
What can one still believe during the time of Armageddon? Everyone is put under pressure. The false Prophet is killed and has resurrected? The important thing is what humans are going to choose: Life or Death. And in both cases, that results in death!
The first death is physical and mental. The second death is only physical.

Two facts are now presented:
Fact one: Does one choose, by taking the 666 logo for the first death, then you have life until June/May 2021 or september 2021. And for many, this time can turn out much shorter. By all means death awaits for sure! (Rev.6:15-16) “And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne…”
Fact two: Does one choose for the second death refusing the logo, you will live forever and obtain Paradise! (Rev.21:1) “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth…”

Time is up already
Jezus: “During the Rapture only a small pile of Christians are included. The big majority of my church, will have to go through the valley of Armageddon. And that’s because they were not found worthy to be included.” (John 16:13)
Hereby the Revival of Joel is not referred to. The Lord speaks clearly to the present church people, as they are today. Because, after all, during the great Revival the Holy Spirit will bring in a large crowd of 1.2 billion of Christians!
(Matthew 22:8-10) “Then saith he to his servants, The wedding is ready, but they which were bidden were not worthy. Go ye therefore into the highways, and as many as ye shall find, bid to the marriage. So those servants went out into the highways, and gathered together all as many as they found, both bad and good: and the wedding was furnished with guest.”

So who then are the evil and the good? These are the world people. Some have the name of believers, others not. But they have come to understanding and conversion.

The great prayer
In Sept./Oct. 2013 I went into a permanent prayer with fasting. My prayer was: “Lord, I have more than enough knowledge in abundance. But there are so few people and Christians who want to believe me. What should I do with so much information?” Then suddenly my boss called me and he suggested that perhaps I rather prefer to retire before time. The last working day would be in April 2014. When everything was settled, I went directly to Suriname.

See: “The testimony of Karel Hoekendijk!” (Dutch) Google Translate.

But my stay there in Suriname, could not confirm my coming future. Being a street evangelist I went, just like in 2005, on the streets again and told the Surinam people about in what a time we live. In Paramaribo and beyond, I have distributed 1000s of leaflets about the End Times. After three months (23 June – 20 sept.2014) the last three weeks of my stay were arriving. Then finally I saw a small improvement in my situation.
See: (Part 1) “The last Benjamin” (The Lord spoke to me through a Christian)

But that was however not enough. Because once returned to the Netherlands, I thought I would just go to Curacao. Then The Lord gave me a vision during my last week, I had to go back to Suriname immediately. The ticket for Curacao and the Hotel were already settled, but not yet paid. Then the next day I booked and paid the flight for Suriname.
But what on earth was I going to do in Suriname? The first three months already were not quite what I had expected. Being back in Suriname on Dec. 5th, 2014. This was also my first prayer: “Lord, Abba Father, what am I doing here?”

The next day I went to Groningen in the Saramacca District where once Johannes King had lived and worked for the Lord. There I met a good friend who was surprised to see me. Because he did not know any better than that I would go to Curacao. I told him about the intention of the Lord but still nothing was clear. Then something happened! And this was something I never could have imagined.

Jesus, our Leader

That Sunday I went to a church outside of Paramaribo and talked with the Evangelist about the End Times and how much time we actually have. He was extremely surprised to hear so much End time information and told me that I should put it all on the Internet as soon as possible! “Because this is so important that many others also want to be aware of.”

Jesus wants me to put all my writings on the Internet!
The Evangelist his work is setting up websites! Coincidence? Immediately I sent him reports, all of which will be put also on the website. All concerning the End Times.
For Christians, Matthew 24:20 treats the most important information that exists! About the winter and the Sabbath. Because this is the hidden mystery of John 1:12! The Rebirth out of the spirit.

The Bible is a sort of code book described for the worldly people and Christians in general terms. The Bible is written in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree of knowledge. But many Christians are living in the 1st degree of their tolerance and simply cannot accept citations outside of the Bible, details which are not described in the Bible. The Holy Spirit cannot teach them anything. For the kingdom of the Lord is only for the very little ones!
See: (Matthew 19:14 and Luke 18:15-17). “Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein.”

See YouTube!
Rapture in a Church (0:30)
The Rapture Left Behind Coming of Christ (1:35)
Of all the rapture videos, this one has seized me most!
This video is about a father on a swing with his child, and suddenly the child is gone! But see especially the moment that the man only remains with the wedding ring as memory of his wife!
Are you ready? (1:02)
This church is really crowded and then the rapture occurs.

You must be ready. (2 Petr.1:10)!
11 yr. Old Went to Heaven and Back, and Tells What He Saw!
This testimony goes around the word. (14:48)
Ali – A Turkish Muslim who met Jesus in his dream
This Turkish man (Ali) was addicted to alcohol when he saw Jesus in a dream and his life was changed forever. Desperate, he went to Saudi Arabia, because alcohol was forbidden there. When he arrived, it turned out there was liquor present anyway. He then went on pilgrimage to Mecca, hoping to be freed from his alcohol addiction and to be guided on the path of a true Muslim. To his surprise, he met Jesus Christ instead, the man in white.

Dutch subtitles (40:10)
Muslim Journey to Hope – Afshin Javid (Pastor)
See testimony! (19:58)

Hezbollah fighter repents and becomes a Christian. A certain Hezbollah fighter (Afshin Javid) ends up in prison. He reads the Koran and suddenly he was overcome by an evil spirit. He calls Heaven for help and suddenly heard a voice that he must call upon Jesus. He does so and is freed, but then doubt begins. After two weeks of fasting and praying he gets no response from Allah; suddenly Jesus Christ appears in his cell.

(Text from: New American Standard Bible/King James 2000)

Source Photo:

Dark clouds of the End Times

Armageddon is in sight!

The Archangel Gabriel

Moment of the Rapture

Jesus: “The time has long since passed. The time is up. The lines are already drawn. I know who the mines are, and who is not. But, beloved, you need to prepare yourself so that you can hear the call of the shofar.” (horn)

Save the Date!

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